Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easy lunches for a busy morning

Amy's lunch
snickerdoodles, cucumber, carrot sticks & peanut butter
Hello Kitty cup holds a vitamin
honeydew melon, cantaloupe & strawberries
Ham sandwich cut into hearts

Rose's Lunch
snickerdoodles, cucumber, grape tomatoes, carrot sticks
strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe, vitamins
ham & mustard sandwich hearts

This was a really busy Monday morning and a fast lunch with no fancy bits was perfect. It was Amy's first day back at school after being sick for over a week and we had lots of things to remember to take into school. Amy baked the snickerdoodles the night before as part of her Me Museum presentation. I helped her a bit but she really did most of the work. They were delicious. To make the sandwich hearts I used a Wilton flower cutter to cut out the whole prepared sandwich, then made a couple of knife cuts to transform the flower into three hearts.

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