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Monday, October 1, 2012

Daddy made lunch!

This morning I was so tired I just could not get up! The baby has a cold/cough and was up a lot last night so that's part of it. Plus I was up late working as I do every Sunday night. My husband got up early, didn't wake me and fed the girls breakfast, got them ready for school, made Rose's lunch then washed the dishes.  I got up at 7:50 am thinking that I would quickly make lunch and it was done :) I snapped a quick photo.

nilla wafers, 2 grape tomatoes, red grapes, vitamins, carrot sticks with hummus, ham sandwich smiley face

This gives me a little glimpse into what lunch was probably like when I was away. I think he did an excellent job. Amy is at home, mostly likely faking sick, so he only had one lunch to make this morning. I am very grateful for my husband and my morning sleep in :)

These are some items that my husband used to make lunch:
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