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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Flowers for Rose
green beans (from our garden!), grape tomatoes, ritz crackers, ham flower
babybel cheese, ranch dip in the strawberry cup
clementine, carrot sticks, grapes, strawberry flowers

I made this the night before and took a photo - then I pulled out the ritz crackers and put them in a zip bag on the counter. I wasn't sure if the leaving them in the bento and in the fridge would make them soft. I stuffed them back in the bento in the morning. Rose has been a bit fussy about not wanting too much sandwich lately - I am sure she will be thrilled to have crackers instead!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

After School Snack

This is Amy's from last week, packed in her favourite Hello Kitty bento. I made it simple as she doesn't have much time to eat a snack before her after school club, and she's always starving.

Clementine, ritz crackers, ham flower

It was kind of a rush job on the ham flower and I didn't really have time to tidy it AND take a new picture. Also - she said the candy dot flower center kind of melted by the time she ate it. So no more candy flower centers. The baran worked and the ritz crackers weren't mushy from being next to the clementines.

Monday, May 2, 2011

MTM - Flowers

MTM lunch. Loosely following the theme flowers - but I finally got to make a ham flower for the girls. They were so excited over the ham - it was kind of amusing actually. They basically all had the same thing - except no picks for Heidi, no tomatoes for Amy. Heidi was standing at the counter while I was still finishing up trying to steal a bite from everyone's lunch. She's such a rascal.

Heidi's Lunch
butterfly crackers, cucumber flowers, piece of choc cake that Great Granny made
mandarin oranges (she ate the most of the peaches while I was still finishing up!)
mini ham flower, grapes

Amy's Lunch
butterfly crackers, cucumber flowers, chocolate cake ( which she didn't eat!)
mandarin oranges & peaches, ham flower, grapes

Rose's Lunch
butterfly crackers, grape tomatoes, cucumber flowers, chocolate cake
peaches & mandarin oranges, ham flower, grapes

Everyone wanted more crackers & more peaches and no one finished the cake - Amy didn't even touch it. I have weird kids - oh well more cake for me :)

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