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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello Kitty Lunches x2

Yesterday was the first day back at school from Christmas Break. We started off our New Year with a tried and true favourite -- Hello Kitty!

Rose's Lunch
vanilla yogurt w/ sprinkles in the HK cup, cucumbers & carrots
grapes, clementines, honeydew melon
bologna sandwich with HK stencil

Amy's Lunch
HK egg, HK cup with PB for her carrots, cucumber
honeydew melon, clementine, grapes
cinnamon bread & butter with food writers HK drawn on
(you'll just have to trust me I know it's hard to see!!)

There is a story behind this lunch! I was all set to make two lunches exactly the same and then I was spotted making lunch. The crowd gathered. Rose was thrilled once she saw sprinkles. Amy - not so much. She did not want yogurt like her sister, and she only wanted a ham sandwich (which we didn't have!). We settled on her favourite cinnamon bread & butter, so I had to throw in a last minute protein punch of a boiled egg! You might know there is no such thing as a last minute boiled egg and I did not have jumbo eggs so it didn't come out so pretty. Plus drawing HK on swirly bread was pretty difficult. She knows it's Hello Kitty and she loves when I draw on her bread,  so she's happy :) Phew.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello Kitty Planetbox

Only one lunch to make this morning as R is still sick. So with a little extra time on my hands I decided to try something new - stencils. Well a single stencil really. It was OK for a first try but I got some strays around the edge. Plus the image wasn't defined extremely well. Oh and I also did it backwards so her bow is on the wrong side - what a great first try - LOL. Still it was totally recognizable and Amy was thrilled - which might have something to do with the fact that is was made from pink sugar!! With a little practice I think I just might like stencils. So here's her lunch for today.

Hello Kitty & My Melody Lunch
"My Melody" boiled egg, carrot sticks, cheerios, peanut butter dip for carrots
grapes, pineapple, Hello Kitty icing decoration
bologna sandwich with pink Hello Kitty stencil

I had intended to make the boiled egg Hello Kitty herself but I forgot my Hello Kitty mold works best with jumbo eggs and I only boiled large eggs. I didn't make it until this morning and I had extra time but not so much extra time to re-boil a jumbo egg - so I just used my bunny mold and decided it was going to be My Melody. It's kind of hard to see in the photo - but it came out nicely IRL.

I know carrot sticks with peanut butter might sound weird to some but Amy won't eat any other kind of dip. Hey whatever works for the picky one and she got to have a cute little Hello Kitty dip container :)
The bunny pick is just a bunny pick and not an "official" My Melody pick. I am improvising today. These are from my new stash that arrived last week. There are two of each - one bunny was already packed for lunch today.

I LOVE the little fork-like end on these picks. The girls eat with their picks and these just make it super easy. Even H could manage. I still don't give her any picks and I only know this because she tried to swipe some from R's MTM yesterday which had a bunch of these in it.

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