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Monday, March 25, 2013

After school snacks and a toddler lunch

I made 3 very similar mini bentos a few weeks ago. Two were for after school and before ballet snacks for Heidi and Rose and one was a little lunch for Emily. 

grapes, blueberries, custard cream cookie, 2 mini bologna sandwiches

Heidi had the same - it's really easy to make multiples of things this way!

Emily's lunch was even almost the same - I just halved her grapes and added a few fishies.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

CuteZCute cutter

What a fun new sandwich cutter! I have used this a couple of times now but I don't think that I have shared any photos before. The cutter set actually makes several different sandwiches - frog and bear pictured and cat & pig not pictured. There is the option of either stamping out or cutting out the face making for endless possibilities and not just sandwiches. 

Heidi's lunch - not travelling anywhere, just sitting in the fridge until she comes home at lunchtime.
Christmas Crack snack mix (recipe) , strawberries, veggies and a froggy sandwich
I know she'll want some ranch dip and I'll put it in the veggie cup when she asks.

Rose & Amy had very similar lunch items - neither one wanted the snack mix so just fruit and veggies for them
For Rose: Bear sandwich, hummus dip for her celery, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrot coins, strawberries

The carrots and tomatoes are from our garden. Hopefully, we'll have some strawberries soon. They are coming a few at a time right now and the little garden harvesting girls seem to keep eating them before any make it inside! Same for the green beans and snap peas.  Ah well - least they are eating their veggies.

For Amy: cucumbers, carrots, celery, strawberries and a froggy sandwich

Recently I received my order from All Things For Sale with lots of fun goodies inside. Hopefully it will give me a little inspiration as I feel that the creative juices have not really been flowing lately. Do you ever get in those kinds of ruts? Probably I need to go through and tidy up my bento accessories storage area. That usually helps me get back in the swing of things. You know, kind of like how little children clean their rooms - 10% cleaning and 90% playing with stuff they just found! haha.

These are some items that I used in these lunches today.

CuteZcute Bento Sandwich Cutter and Pastry Stamp Kit Japanese Bento Food Pick Cute Rabbit Frog Monkey Bear Pig Easylunchboxes bento lunch box pack of 4
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Froggy bento

For Rose
honeydew melon, clementine,
froggy cheese sandwich, goldfish crackers

You can find this cute froggy bento, frog lunch punch and picks at All Things For Sale Bento Products Bento Products Bento Products

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hippity hop!

Amy's lunch
strawberries, grapes, granola bites
mini ham sandwiches with frog & bunny stamps

These are new cutter/stamp sets. I think I need a little practice!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lookin' Green

Green themed lunch for Heidi. 
green vanilla yogurt with sprinkles in the green cup, honeydew melon,
popcorn with green sprinkles, craisins, bologna sandwich - frog prince

 I started out making her sandwich with the frog prince lunch punch and then remembered that Bento Blog Network has a green theme this week. I have been wanting to participate in those for weeks now but I never remember to get it together. So a few quick changes of plan and Viola! Green themed lunch.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frog Prince

Heidi's Froggy Lunch
grapes, strawberry, honeydew melon, string cheese
yogurt covered raisins and a cheese froggy sandwich

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Froggies & Piggies

Gymnastics day bentos for the girls. I always pack a little lunch for them and we eat it in between classes outside on the little wall.

grapes, fishies & two cheese froggy sandwiches.
(new-ish frog cutter came from International Imports)

Amy's lunch
grapes, pineapples, two piggy sandwiches

Rose's lunch
pineapples, grapes, frog prince sandwiches

Friday, September 16, 2011

Frog Prince

The frog prince for Rosie.

mandarin oranges, granola bites, honeydew & blue berries,
gummy vitamin, frozen frubes yogurt,
frog prince sandwich - yellow sprinkles on peanut butter for the crown

Almost everything was eaten today!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince - retold by Caroline Petherbridge, Illustraed by Lee Nicholls. It's from the UK and published by CYP Limited. This is one of our family's favourite book & CD stories - we normally listen to it in the car.  We've had this version for years now - I think it was our first ever book and CD set, thoughtfully gifted by Nana. Why am telling you about our favourite story CD? Well it's because it's a great set if you're interested and today's sandwich is based on it.
I've had the Sandwishes Lunch Punch set for a while now and everytime I see the frog punch I think of a plan to use it  but then usually end up using a different one for whatever reason. Well today was the day I used the frog lunch punch. It's meant to be the frog prince anyway so that wasn't exactly a stretch - lol.

Amy's Lunch today - planetbox again
in case you haven't noticed we use it pretty much everyday for school.
cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, popcorn, icing flower decoration (by request)
half a tangerine (meant to be the golden ball), pineapple chunks
and the Frog Prince Peanut butter sandwich.

If this lunch was for R, I would have definitely made a cheddar cheese cutout crown. Amy however won't eat any non-melted, non-string cheese these days so yellow decorating sugar it was. I don't think she'll mind eating that :) 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oldies but Goodies!

I have been making bento lunches and muffin tin meals for the entire school year but only recently did I begin blogging about them. So I decided to share a few of my past favourites including my very first bentos ever :) I had been looking at some blogs online, and had scouted out my local shops & baking supplies for some fun items. Then I placed an order online for some "fun stuff". It took a few weeks for my order to get here so this was made before it arrived with a cookie cutter that I already had and some cupcake picks I found in the baking aisle of a local store.

Amy's first ever bento made during summer holiday 2010
as a "practice run" before starting the school year.
PB star sandwich, cucumber sticks, grapes,
mini apple cinnamon muffin, cheddar cheese

Rose's first ever bento lunch made the same day, Summer 2010.
PB star sandwich, grapes, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese,
cucumber sticks, mini apple cinnamon muffin.

Then I did a little more blog surfing, local shopping (found a large set of animal cookie cutters!) and then dug out some silicone baking cups that I had, and made these for the girls' lunch.

Amy: Caterpillar Lunch
 PB Caterpillar sandwich, ants on a log, carrot sticks,
butterfly crackers, blueberries & strawberry ( I was attempting a flower!)

Rose: Crocodile Lunch
 PB crocodile sandwich in a swamp of goldfish,
mixed berries, carrot sticks, string cheese, grapes.

The next day I made these. This was the first time packing them up and taking them out with us. Previously we were just eating lunch at home.
They travelled better than I expected!

Amy: Seahorse lunch
Ham seahorse sandwich, string cheese, carrots,
watermelon & blueberries, apple cinnamon mini muffin, grapes.

Rose: Froggie Lunch
Cheese froggie sandwich, grapes, string cheese & carrots,
apple cinnamon mini muffin, watermelon & blue berries.

Then finally one of my orders came so we had actual bento boxes to use.
 I made these that same day!

Amy: Butterfly Lunch
Butterfly crackers & cheese, grapes, cucumber slices, raspberry & black berry ( attempting another flower!), steamed broccoli & carrots, Ham butterfly sandwich.

Rose: Turtle Lunch
Cheese turtle sandwich, steamed broccoli & carrots,
Watermelon, kiwi

I have been getting tons of use out of those animal cookie cutters as the girls prefer sandwiches for lunch on most days.

I still have tons of lunch photos including many Muffin Tin Meals.
I'll get to posting some of them shortly.