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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby goat!

The children had the opportunity to see a baby goat soon after it was born. We haven't made it to a real working farm yet as part of our family fin list, but this is a start. The baby goat was very friendly and kept coming right over to them and let them pat him (or her! I don't really know) under the fence.


 It was a bit like herding cats to get a photo as they were enthralled with the goats. I sort of got them to look in my general direction for a split second! haha.

The baby goat was running after it's mother. They couldn't believe how fast it could run so soon after being born. It was feeding time and it's Mom was running to the feed bin with the kid in tow!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Painting Pottery

A family member had a pottery painting birthday party last month. The girls enjoyed this as expected but I was very sad to learn the the pottery painting studio was closing as the owner had some serious health issues.  I was glad that we had the opportunity to go right before it closed! Painting pottery is on our Family Fun List. It was a great way to spend an afternoon - especially with cake included ;)

Daddy started out giving Heidi a little assistance but as soon as she realised that Rose was holding her own piece, she had to follow suit.

Lots of concentrating faces in these photos!

The staff put all of the painted pieces in the kiln and we got them back several days later. Here's their finished work. I think they did a great job!

Rose's Puppy, Heidi's Kitty, and Amy's heart coaster

Sunday, January 22, 2012

975 to go ...

Paper chain links that is. We're working on our Family Fun List #34 - make a 1000 paper chain. Since we are a family with 5 able paper chain makers, it probably wouldn't take us that long to just go ahead and make a huge paper chain. While it would be fun and we can marvel at the magnificence of 1000 links, it's not all that challenging. So we're kicking it up a notch and writing on each link the title of a book that either Amy has read by herself or one that has been read to Rose & Heidi &/or Amy. Basically each link represents a children's book read in some fashion. So far we have 25 links completed. Woo hoo!
I didn't come up with this idea right away on Jan 1st, and we really have just started this past week. I think we will need to step it up a notch on the reading to make up the time, but I believe that we can get it done. Here are our chains so far. (Since taking the photo I have added one more link.)

I am currently letting them make 2 separate chains that we will join together later. Mostly so that Amy can see her reading chain on it's own and track her personal reading progress. I am going to have her write the book titles on her own links from now on for the handwriting practice, this week  we have both written the titles.

The only hiccup in the master plan is figuring out how to keep the duplicates out of the chain. The littles tend to want to have the same books read over and over so I don't know what to do about that. So far it hasn't been an issue since it's only been a week. The plan is not to read 1000 different books, just 1000 books so I might not worry about the duplicates and just try to encourage variety with trips to the library etc. Anyone have any suggestions about the handling of duplicates? If someone has an idea for an easy system I can keep the duplicates out. Once we go over 100 books I know I won't be able to remember which ones are on the chain and which ones aren't. My memory is good, just not that good - there's a lot of other stuff floating around in there! I also don't want to skim through a list of 100's of books each time we read one either.

Comments & Suggestions welcome!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Strawberry Cream Surprise

The girls made a fun dessert tonight. It's out of our children's cookbook by Anabel Karmel - Children's First Cookbook. It was pretty fun and very tasty!
It was easy for them to make together. Bash up some meringues. Mash and slice strawberries. Layer in a glass with strawberry ice cream. I didn't have to help with this except reaching some of the items from the cupboards, freezer etc. and read out the directions.

Rose's turn mashing

Amy slicing strawberries

Heidi's turn mashing strawberries

Ready to eat! We added a bit of whipped cream and left out the mint from the recipe. We also used pink crushed meringues instead of white.

They each made two, one for themselves and one for Daddy, Mommy or Nana. Delicious!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sunny Scrambled eggs

We have started work on our family fun list #103 cook every recipe in a children's cook book. We choose one of our children's cook books to use and started cooking out of it yesterday. The book is by Annabel Karmel  called Children's First Cookbook.

Sunny scrambled eggs with buttered toast.
 Clockwise - Amy's with the ketchup, Heidi's, Rose's
Amy cracked the eggs and added the milk, salt and pepper. Rose stirred it all up (Heidi is sick but she stirred it a little too) and I cooked it on the stove. They all buttered and cut their own toast and arranged it to look like the sun. Very cute and extremely easy. I made some bacon to add. Normally, none of the girls like pepper in their eggs but since they were making it and following the directions, they didn't even mention a problem and neither did I. They just went along and added the pepper and then ate all of their eggs. *Might* be on to something here. I think they liked twisting the pepper mill. When I put pepper there are protests of "I don't want that black stuff in my eggs" - LOL!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family Fun List for 2012

Yesterday, on New Year's Eve, we sat down as a family and came up with a list of things that we would like to do in 2012.  It's more short term than a life time bucket list, but I don't actually expect that we'll get everything accomplished in 2012. Some of the activities are really easy and some are a bit more extravagant/difficult as I really can't imagine a surprise Disney World vacation, Disney Cruise and a trip to play in the snow, plus a trip somewhere to pan for gold all happening in the same year! We didn't want to leave any wishes off so they are all included. Well except one - milk a cow - it was my idea, the girls were not impressed and Daddy thought they might be too little so we'll try to visit a dairy and watch someone else milk a cow (or even a goat) instead!

We only came up with our list last evening, so now that I have it all typed up I plan to format it, print it all out and post it on the wall so that we can all keep track of how we are doing. If all goes well and this turns out as planned kick starting a year of fun family memories, we can create a new list every year. Ahem. A fine idea for #99 create a new family tradition. ;) So here's our list. 119 strong. It's such an odd number, I resisted the urge to come up with one more just to round it out - haha.

  Our Family Fun List
1)      go to the beach
2)      make a homemade pie
3)      eat at a teppanyaki grill table
4)      visit the Aquarium
5)      make a gingerbread house
6)      bake roll out cookies
7)      enter a running race
8)      take swimming lessons
9)      go to a parade
10)   watch a real ballet
11)   go on a nature hike
12)   make play dough
13)   go somewhere fun to ride bikes
14)   visit an old fort
15)   go on the glassbottom boat
16)   make a nature collage
17)   build a model
18)   make a diorama
19)   donate some toys (Dad's idea!)
20)   visit the library
21)   go to the movies
22)   paint pottery
23)   make homemade ice cream
24)   make a volcano
25)   wash the car
26)   play BINGO
27)   have a pool party
28)   go fishing
29)   Visit the Deliverance
30)   go to Snorkel Park
31)   swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Quest
32)   visit BUEI
33)   pick up trash with KBB
34)   make a 1000 paper chain
35)   do a 100 days of school project
36)   complete a green activity for Earth Day
37)   plant flowers
38)   stargazing
39)   send a message in a bottle
40)   camp out
41)   Random Act of Kindness – leave a nice note on a strangers car
42)   visit a dairy
43)   visit a vegetable farm
44)   see the glowworms
45)   ride a horse
46)   see a horse show
47)   watch the sunrise
48)   take a ferry ride
49)   take a bus ride
50)   learn some Portuguese words
51)   play miniature golf
52)   watch a gymnastics meet
53)   build a giant sand sculpture
54)   play outside in the rain/puddles
55)   have a monthly family movie night
56)   learn how to eat with chopsticks
57)   take more family photos!
58)   name a star
59)   have a stay-cation at a nice hotel
60)   plant a tree
61)   visit the crystal caves
62)   watch glassblowing
63)   go on a horse and carriage ride
64)   make and bury a time capsule
65)   learn 3 constellations
66)   grow an herb garden
67)   pick our own Halloween pumpkin
68)   have a pajama day
70)   visit the lighthouse
71)   organize a bake sale for charity
72)   visit Nonsuch Island to see the cahows
73)   create a family cook book
74)   colour every single page in a new colouring book
75)   read the Ramona Collection to the girls
76)   host a tea party
77)   create a 365 day photo journal
78)   go on a picnic
79)   Disney Cruise!
80)   surprise Disney World vacation
81)   go whale watching
82)   play in the snow for the first time
83)   make a haunted house
84)   take a train ride
85)   go on a carousel
86)   see a double rainbow
87)   go bowling
88)   sleep under the stars
89)   go see a magic show
90)   learn to jump rope
91)   find a 4 leaf clover
92)   enter something in the Ag Show
93)   Hang a bird feeder
94)   make wind chimes
95)   make homemade Christmas cards
96)   revive and then everyone contribute to our vegetable garden
97)   take a surprise trip on our Minivan Express & see the holiday lights in our PJ's
98)   take a family portrait
99)   start a new family  tradition
100)                       tie-dye a shirt
101)                       go on a scavenger hunt
102)                       build a game for the Spring Fair
103)                       cook every recipe in a kid’s cookbook
104)                       visit Spanish Rock
105)                       keep up with our family meetings
106)                       paint a new talking stone
107)                       see fireworks
108)                       make smores in the front yard
109)                       frequent the local farmer’s market
110)                       pan for gold
111)                       plant sunflowers
112)                       start a butterfly garden
113)                       make a fairy garden
114)                       take a metal detector on the beach and search for treasure
115)                       learn a magic trick
116)                       have afternoon tea at the Princess
117)                       pick strawberries
118)                       redecorate our fish tank
119)                       reduce our carbon footprint for the year
 Hopefully this will inspire you to come up with some fun activities for 2012 also! I'll do my best to keep this updated, crossing out as we go along.

Wishing you a Healthy, Happy & Prosperous New Year where all of your wishes come true!

Update: to see all of the family fun list activities that we have done and that I managed to blog about click here :)