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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time to vote on Bento Blog Network!

The theme this week is trees on Bento Blog Network. There is only 1 vote per IP this week. It's going to be hard to choose! In the photo below, the top right is my entry (#16 in the list) and the 2 on the left are from Bentos on the Bayou.

Click on the photo to get to the voting site.

You can see the full posts for these lunches here:
Bentos on the Bayou - Picnic under an apple tree or Giraffes 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time to Vote!

Time to Vote on Bento Blog Network for your favourite bento featuring egg. Voting ends on Thursday and the winner is announced on Friday. There are 4 votes allowed per IP address.

There are some really fab entries again this week! 

These are all of my entries shown above. Click the links if you want to see the full posts.

 plus I also entered this Hello Kitty Lunch 

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vote now for your favourite bento featuring NORI!

It's that time again! Voting has begun on the Bento Blog Network for this week's theme - bento featuring nori. Voting is Wednesday & Thursday only. Winner is announced on Friday.

I haven't entered any of my own lunches this week but there are so many fantastic ones to choose from! There are 2 votes allowed per IP. I could hardly narrow it down to two favourites myself. The bento pictures above are entries from Diana Rambles (Kai Lan & thankful for my daughter), & Bentos on the Bayou (Mickey & Minnie). 
Here are the upcoming themes for Bento of the Week if you would like to enter yours next time there is plenty of time to plan!

3 Star Wars
10 Tutorials
17 Eggs
24 Trees
31 Words
7 Summer
14 Anything Goes
21 Anything Goes
28 Wheels

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time to vote for your favourite Muffin Tin Meals

It's time to vote for your favourite muffin tin meal on Bento Blog Network. I entered a bunch and there are so many other fun ones to choose from! There are 2 votes allowed per IP. Vote here now! Voting is Wednesday & Thursday only.

Bento of the Week

Monday, April 15, 2013

Grilled Cheese Sandwich hearts in a muffin tin (#2)

grilled cheese sandwich hearts, apple with heart cut out
carrot hearts, yogurt with pink sugar sprinkles, red grapes

I also made this on National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. It's the same ingredients as the other lunch that I posted today but packed in a slightly different way using a regular muffin tin.

Here are some items used to make this lunch:


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Grilled Cheese Sandwich Hearts - in a Muffin Tin Meal

heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, apple heart cutouts, 
carrot heart cutouts, yogurt with pink sprinkles, red grapes

This is another lunch that I made on National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.  I haven't made a muffin tin meal in ages! Since we are at home for break I decided to revisit that fun way of serving lunch, plus it's the theme for Bento Blog Network this week - vote for me  ;) ;). I discovered that cutting a grilled cheese sandwich is pretty tricky. For this I used my flower shaped metal cutter to cut out the sandwich before grilling. Then I made 3 knife cuts to turn the flower into hearts. If you let the sandwich cool a bit it's much neater and cheese doesn't ooze out everywhere.

Here are some things that I used for this lunch:

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Friday, July 27, 2012

An Olympic Lunch - London 2012

The Olympics Opening Ceremony is today and some bento blogging friends have arranged a fun blog hop. At the end of the post click on the link to see some more fun Olympic themed lunches and snacks.

I made this quick lunch for Amy to take to camp. The Olympic rings seemed like they might not be filling enough so I included a few mini sandwich rounds that I had punched out to make the rings. I included the horse shaped melon to represent one of the few athletes we have in the Olympics.

Olympic Lunch
strawberries and grapes, mini sandwiches, sunflower seeds in the mini cup, carrot sticks
horse shaped honeydew melon, cheese rounds, Olympic Rings sandwiches

I made some homemade picks for these. It was really simple. I printed the Union Jack and the Bermuda flags on some paper and then I wrapped them around a couple of toothpicks and covered them with tape. These are only one time use picks but they were fast and easy to make. The red mini cup was a plain red one, I printed the London 2012 mascots on a piece of label paper and then created a themed cup. The sticker peeled off after and then I had my plain red cup back to use again.

Olympic Flame snacks
berries & grapes, sandwiches with cheese Olympic Torches

These were a couple of quick after swim snacks. We had a week off from swimming lessons and they have resumed this week. It's been a busy summer so far, I am looking forward to a little relaxation in August before the back to school rush begins.

Enjoy the Olympics -- next up is Kristie of Beneficial Bento

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bunny & Carrot Bento

I stumbled across a bento that I had missed posting somehow. This was for Heidi over the mid term break back in April! It was definitely eaten at home - the same day that I made Rosie a rainbow bento and the Hello Kitty bento for Amy.

Heidi's Bunny & Carrot bento
bunny shaped boiled egg, apple stars, plum slices, 
2 stacked carrot shaped sandwiches with a cheese topper
cucumbers, carrots sticks and ranch dip in a bunny cup

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

3 Angry Birds Lunches

My first Angry Birds lunches ever! Very fun to make but I must confess I am terrible at this game and never bother to play it so I had to keep looking at the ipad for help!! LOL.

Heidi's Angry Birds Bento
green grapes (the pigs!), carrot sticks, raspberries & blueberries,
nilla wafers, stacked cheese sandwich with angry bird cheese toppers

Rose's Angry Birds Planetbox
angry bird boiled egg, strawberries, nilla wafers
cantaloupe, babybel cheese angry bird,
ham sandwich pigs with spinach pesto topper & graham crackers

Amy's Angry Birds Planetbox
It's mostly the same ingredients except I made ham sandwich sticks and
just represented the pigs with green grapes
In the little square if you look closely there is an angry birds fruit leather & cheese :)

These birds are all my work but not my ideas at all! I saw the ideas in this lunch months ago :)

These were pretty easy but tedious! I used a circle cutter, a round icing tip (both sides)
and a teeny weeny oval cutter and then cut the piece in half for the ears

I knew this would take some extra effort on my part so I made them the night before. Poor decision -- Amy ended up being sick so she stayed home and Rose declared that she wanted the blue Sassy box again and she didn't want those piggy sandwiches!!! SO I did a little switching around, convinced her to take the planet box and she ended up with the white boiled egg bird, the fruit leather bird, the babybel cheese bird and the green grape piggies! I repacked Amy's into a little bento and put it in the fridge ( she managed to eat most of it). I did not realise how much input they really do give me in the mornings!! Heidi ate hers at home as she had a school event in the morning at nursery school and wanted to come home with me after. What a crazy morning we had!

Here are some items that I used to make this lunch. These are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you purchase from them. Thanks for supporting my blog!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Day Bento & Blog Hop

Earth Day will soon be here - it's April 22nd, 2012. My bento blogging friends are having a blog hop to celebrate Earth Day. It's my first time joining in on a blog hop- woo hoo! Don't forget to check out the bottom of the post so you can hop on over to the next blog.

Rose's "We love our Earth" bento

broccoli trees, cucumber flowers, carrot stick flowers, cherry tomatoes on the vine, animal crackers, clementine and strawberry flower, tree sandwich, bird cup with ranch dip, cheese sandwich tree, apple cutouts representing a small house amidst all of the trees and flowers & butterflies, blackberry tree with a few more blackberries tucked under the apple pieces

It's vegetarian. I couldn't quite make it vegan - she really wanted the ranch dip and I could not convince her to switch from a cheese sandwich either.

So how does all of this mean Earth Day to our family? On Earth Day we want to imagine and hope for an earth where there are abundant trees, flowers and animal friends and where we have reduced the impact of man's pollution  on our environment. Our Earth Day pledge will be to plant a butterfly garden at our house. Looking for some ways that you can practice Earth Friendly activities in your daily lives? Here's what we do:

recycle (whatever is applicable in your area - for us it's only glass and tin cans), set the water heater at a lower temperature, wash clothes in cold water, use earth friendly cleaners and phosphate free detergent, pack waste free lunches as much as possible, minimise trash by buying in bulk and reuse packaging materials where possible, take your own reusable grocery bag shopping - not just to the grocery store!, use cloth diapers, compost suitable materials, plant your own garden and farm organically, buy organic produce as often as possible, buy locally produced items including food as much as possible -- reduces carbon footprint due to less transport time, conserve water, don't put harmful pesticides and non-organic fertilizers on your lawn, carpool whenever possible, turn off lights/TV/computers and other electronic devices when you aren't using them, do not leave charging cords plugged in if they are not charging anything - it still draws electricity, keep your air conditioning/heat at a moderate temperature or off, keep harmful waste and batteries out of the landfill (by following your area protocol for disposal), replace all of your bulbs with new low wattage, energy efficient bulbs, replace old appliances with energy efficient ones (as the need arises), eat less meat to reduce your carbon footprint (start small and aim for one meatless meal per week).

We could definitely work harder on some of these ourselves such as buying more organic produce; it is so expensive here it becomes difficult. If cost seems prohibitive in your area also, try to at least buy organically for the items on the "dirty dozen" list.
apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, non-US nectarines, non-US grapes, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, US blueberries, lettuce, kale/collard greens

Have you planned any Earth Day activities? What can you pledge to do to help our environment?

And now for the fun -- on to the hop :)
Click the button to discover another Earth Day bento:
Next up is Zoe's Lunchbox :)

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rainbow lunch for Rosie

A rainbow lunch to cheer up Rosie
Ham shooting star sandwich, apple stars
rainbow star boiled egg, plum slices
cucumber cutouts with orange pepper fill ins
carrot & celery sticks with ranch dip in the little cup

Did you notice that the food colouring markers look better? It's a new brand! I bought them at International Imports. They were a bit expensive and I was hesitant to spend money on them without knowing if they would be just as annoying as the others. It was a good decision :) The brand is Ateco. I've only used them today so no report yet about how long they will stay so bright.

Rose is still unwell. We've been to the Dr once this week and are supposed to call in to report tomorrow. I imagine they will want to see her again. This lunch certainly cheered her up and she wanted me to take a photo of her with her lunch. She still picked at her food - ate the whole egg and all of the apple stars plus a few bites of everything else. Success in my book.

check out Rainbow Connection for some other rainbow food, crafts and activities:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's snowing!

Well not really - we live in Bermuda! In fact, my children have never seen real snow.
Since lots of places have snow right now - here's a little snowy lunch for Rose. It was a quick lunch that Rose took to gymnastics last Saturday.

ham sandwich with mozzarella and fruit leathersnowman topper
boiled egg - snowflake desisgn and in a snowman cupcake liner
penguin cup with yogurt covered raisins and blueberries
penguin mini container with craisins
carrots - snowman noses!

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Hey Mouseketeers!

It's M I C K E Y  M O U S E!
green grapes, Mickey Mouse cheese sandwich
Mickey Mouse egg, grape tomatoes & carrot sticks
blueberry & raspberry cup

My black food writer marker was not cooperating and was looking kind of green really. So I had a brilliant idea to paint the egg and cheese ears with black food colouring. I saw it done here ages ago. Well, basically I made a mess. The bento looks OK but my hands don't! I also question whether this is going to make a mess when she eats it. It's all blotted and truly I only used the tiniest drop but it went a LONG way. I only touched the brush to the food colouring one time for each item! anyway, I might still try it some other time and just try to remember to be more careful!

I should mention that this is an at home lunch for Heidi. So it's not packed super tightly as it does not need to be transported :)
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Friday, January 27, 2012

I heart you berry much

Red themed lunch for Heidi
yogurt covered raisins, raspberries, red goldfish
strawberry hearts, craisins, heart shaped sandwiches with sprinkles

This would be a nice Valentines day lunch too :)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lookin' Green

Green themed lunch for Heidi. 
green vanilla yogurt with sprinkles in the green cup, honeydew melon,
popcorn with green sprinkles, craisins, bologna sandwich - frog prince

 I started out making her sandwich with the frog prince lunch punch and then remembered that Bento Blog Network has a green theme this week. I have been wanting to participate in those for weeks now but I never remember to get it together. So a few quick changes of plan and Viola! Green themed lunch.

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