Saturday, April 21, 2012

3 Angry Birds Lunches

My first Angry Birds lunches ever! Very fun to make but I must confess I am terrible at this game and never bother to play it so I had to keep looking at the ipad for help!! LOL.

Heidi's Angry Birds Bento
green grapes (the pigs!), carrot sticks, raspberries & blueberries,
nilla wafers, stacked cheese sandwich with angry bird cheese toppers

Rose's Angry Birds Planetbox
angry bird boiled egg, strawberries, nilla wafers
cantaloupe, babybel cheese angry bird,
ham sandwich pigs with spinach pesto topper & graham crackers

Amy's Angry Birds Planetbox
It's mostly the same ingredients except I made ham sandwich sticks and
just represented the pigs with green grapes
In the little square if you look closely there is an angry birds fruit leather & cheese :)

These birds are all my work but not my ideas at all! I saw the ideas in this lunch months ago :)

These were pretty easy but tedious! I used a circle cutter, a round icing tip (both sides)
and a teeny weeny oval cutter and then cut the piece in half for the ears

I knew this would take some extra effort on my part so I made them the night before. Poor decision -- Amy ended up being sick so she stayed home and Rose declared that she wanted the blue Sassy box again and she didn't want those piggy sandwiches!!! SO I did a little switching around, convinced her to take the planet box and she ended up with the white boiled egg bird, the fruit leather bird, the babybel cheese bird and the green grape piggies! I repacked Amy's into a little bento and put it in the fridge ( she managed to eat most of it). I did not realise how much input they really do give me in the mornings!! Heidi ate hers at home as she had a school event in the morning at nursery school and wanted to come home with me after. What a crazy morning we had!

Here are some items that I used to make this lunch. These are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you purchase from them. Thanks for supporting my blog!

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  1. AWESOME!!!

    Such a great idea and so much effort~



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