Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Muffin Tin Meal

We haven't had a MTM in ages! Poor Rosie has been feeling sick. I made her a MTM of some of her favourites to encourage her to eat a few bites. Amy was out, but Heidi had a MTM too. I made them both the same :)

honeydew melon & cantaloupe, diced peaches,
carrot & celery sticks with ranch
mac & cheese, carrot shaped turkey sandwich,
vanilla yogurt with Easter sprinkles

Rosie wasn't really interested :( She decided to take an early nap instead. My poor girl.  I hope she feels better soon - otherwise it's back to the Dr on Monday. Heidi, on the other hand, ate almost everything!

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  1. Lunch placed in the muffin trays is such a cool idea! Your lunches look so yummy~


  2. What fun! I love the carrot!

  3. Those look so good! You are very creative.

  4. Hope your little one feels better soon. (The MTM meal looks yummy!)

  5. Love you meal! The liners are very fun too!

  6. The muffin lunch is so pretty, hope the little one gets well soon.

  7. You are my 2,000 follower. If you send me your address via an e-mail to, I will send you your prize.


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