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Thursday, April 16, 2015

School Healthy Lunch Competition

Today Amy. Rose & Heidi participated in the School Lunch Challenge.

Each student had to write a paragraph about what should be in a healthy lunch and talk about the food groups and their health benefits Then they had to plan and make a healthy lunch to bring to school to be judged. They were working on ideas for the past few days. They sure had plenty of ideas!

Here's what they made (with a little help, all choices were theirs, some chopping was mine).

Amy, Age 9

Amy chose, cucumber & carrot sticks (from our garden), a rainbow of fruits, Organic Valley mozzarella cheese stick, 2 Lady Moon Organic grape tomatoes, Natural no salt almonds and an Applegate Naturals ham sandwich.

Rose, Age 7, vegetarian

Rose chose boiled egg on organic spinach (that is one egg split in half with the yolk removed), berries, carrots, grape tomatoes & bell peppers, unsweetened coconut & pepitas, with an Applegate Naturals ham, Applegate Naturals cheese & mustard sandwich.

Heidi, Age 5

Heidi chose carrot sticks from our garden with organic ranch, Organic Valley mozzarella cheese stick, natural no salt almonds, strawberry from our garden & clementine, pineapple and an Applegate Naturals ham & mustard sandwich.

They were to be judged on  their Nutrition Paragraph, Nutrient content - 1 point for each food group actually included, Eye appeal - 1 point for each colour in the lunch, Original use of vegetable - different and fun ways in which the vegetable are included and bonus points for a litter free lunch and 1 point if their drink was water. The Nutrition paragraph plus a photo of the lunch of the 3 winners from each class are to be submitted to the health department and would be judged against the other schools. 

A good effort by all, I am pleased with their lunch creations. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A bear-y cute lunch and some Lunchbox Love

This started out as an extremely orange lunch. Now it's just a mostly orange lunch. I asked Amy what she wanted in her lunch today and she chose carrots, cantaloupe and goldfish. I started putting it together and then realised the orange theme emerging. I quickly added a little cucumber and craisins for variety.

Amy's lunch
cucumber slices, carrot coins, goldfish, cantaloupe, craisins
bear shaped ham sandwich

The bear sandwich has some very cute bear details stamped on it. It's a bit tricky to see in the photo but in real life it's adorable. I didn't  really have any extra time this morning to get the light just right to highlight the stamped bread. Also, I could have stamped the bread a little deeper/harder which might have shown up more in the photo. The cutter & stamp is part of a set of cookie cutters that is probably one of my best purchases of late. They make great cookies and cute sandwiches. 

Rose wanted something hot again and has spaghetti and meatballs in her funtainer.
I still sent her a little side of fruit to go with it.
She chose cantaloupe and grapes. I included a little lunchbox love note in each of their lunches as I have been everyday for a while now. They have a sale on right now and it's a good time to grab some. The girls really look forward to their little notes and trivia each day. I think it's a hit at the lunch table :)

If you missed the sale you can also buy Lunchbox Love notes and some other items I used on Amazon or All Things for Sale:

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Lunchboxes made by the girls!

Amy and Rose made their own lunches one day last week. I'm joining in on another blog hop -- Mom's Day Off! Check out the link at the bottom of the post to hop on over to another Mom's Day Off  lunch box.

This was really Mom's half morning off -- I still had to prepare snack for the class and Heidi's lunch to take to her cousin's Sports Day. The girls did a really good job and other than me reaching down a few high items and cutting the carrot into sticks, they actually did this by themselves. I did steer them in the direction of "please use your planetboxes" since I knew it would make it easy for them with the nicely divided compartments.

Amy's Lunch - age 6
Pears, carrot sticks, apples, oreo thins, peanut butter
mini container with a vitamin, heart shaped sandwiches covered in sprinkles!!

Rose's Lunch - age 4
blueberries, carrot sticks, apples, mini hello kitty cup holds a vitamin
pears, oreo thins (they shared a package), bologna rolled up, 
graham crackers

Amy peeled the carrot and I cut it into sticks as was difficult for her, they used the push down apple corer/slicer and Amy cut the apple, Rose cut the pear and they shared it between them. Amy spent quite a lot of time holding different cookie cutters over her bread to decide what she wanted. It was cute, she was really trying to plan it out and they were discussing it as they worked together! Amy & Rose were very excited to make their own lunch and they have asked me every day since they made them-- have you posted our lunches yet?? The girls will be checking in on this post later so give them a shout out if you like their work :)

For some more fun Mom's Day Off lunch boxes and bentos, hop to the next blog by clicking the link below. Keep going until you end up back here, then you will have seen them all :)

Next up: Keeley McGuire

Update: thanks for all of the votes on Bento Blog Network! Amy's lunch won :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lizard Lunch

Amy's Lunch
honeydew melon, clementines, teddy grahams
craisins, lizard sandwich

Amy ate everything!

Heidi's choice -- Bunny sandwich

Heidi so sweetly asked me for a bunny sandwich last Wednesday :)

honeydew melon, bunny crackers, clementine, craisins,
bunny ham and cheese sandwich

These were the most delicious clementines that we've had in ages! My mom bought us one of those mini crates and we went through it very quickly. They were so sweet and juicy <3.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Froggy bento

For Rose
honeydew melon, clementine,
froggy cheese sandwich, goldfish crackers

You can find this cute froggy bento, frog lunch punch and picks at All Things For Sale Bento Products Bento Products Bento Products

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sunny Scrambled eggs

We have started work on our family fun list #103 cook every recipe in a children's cook book. We choose one of our children's cook books to use and started cooking out of it yesterday. The book is by Annabel Karmel  called Children's First Cookbook.

Sunny scrambled eggs with buttered toast.
 Clockwise - Amy's with the ketchup, Heidi's, Rose's
Amy cracked the eggs and added the milk, salt and pepper. Rose stirred it all up (Heidi is sick but she stirred it a little too) and I cooked it on the stove. They all buttered and cut their own toast and arranged it to look like the sun. Very cute and extremely easy. I made some bacon to add. Normally, none of the girls like pepper in their eggs but since they were making it and following the directions, they didn't even mention a problem and neither did I. They just went along and added the pepper and then ate all of their eggs. *Might* be on to something here. I think they liked twisting the pepper mill. When I put pepper there are protests of "I don't want that black stuff in my eggs" - LOL!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Heidi's choice. She pretty much picked everything for her lunch.

diced peaches, clementines, honeydew melon, vitamins, granola bar
peanut butter elephant mom & baby sandwich

And she ate it all!! Gotta love a kid's choice lunch.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashionista & a Daddy lunch

I started making animal themed lunches today. I always leave the sandwich until last and had everything else in it's place. I was all set to make a bear and an elephant sandwich to go with these lunches.  In fact I had the cutters out. That was just about the time that the girls had finished getting ready for school and wandered into the kitchen to give me their suggestions. So then we had a change of plan. A girl in a pretty dress (designed by Amy) and a Daddy sandwich for Rose. She wanted pinstripes on his shirt. I couldn't make it work with those darn food writers.

Amy's lunch
 carrot sticks, honeydew melon, clementines, vitamins, PB dip for her carrots
granola bar, ham sandwich in an Amy original designs dress.

Rose's lunch
carrot sticks & tomatoes, French dressing dip, granola bar
honeydew melon, clementines, vitamins, Daddy ham sandwich.

They were thrilled with the results. Almost all of lunch was eaten - except Amy's dress. She didn't like cheese today!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

hodge podge lunch.

A little of this, a little of that. I thought I had plenty of time in the morning to make lunch. Somehow the morning slipped away and these ended up a bit shy on the finishing touches. Never mind, The girls were happy as they each chose the different parts of their lunch so really it was EXACTLY what they wanted ;)

Bunny shaped boiled egg, ritz pretzel minis, grapes, vitamins
celery & carrot sticks, grape tomatoes with French dressing dip

Heidi's lunch
car shaped boiled egg, ritz crackers, string cheese
grapes, blackberries, vitamins & a ham car sandwich

Amy's lunch
fish shaped boiled egg, ritz crackers, celery & carrot sticks
grapes, vitamins, shark/fish sandwiches

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kid's Choice lunch

No real theme here. Kid's choice lunches but it was time to go grocery shopping so fruit choices were minimal anyway. It was music day at school so at least those picks were for a reason. The rest just because it's what they asked for  :)

Amy's Lunch
grapes, celery, carrots, peanut butter dip,
honeydew melon, raisins heart shaped sandiwches 

Rose's lunch
 same as Amy except ranch dip and added tomatoes.

Heidi's lunch
grapes, granola bites, honeydew melon, raisins
tulip shaped sandwich - I can't remember what she had - it was ham or cheese or both!

These hardly seem note worthy but I always share my not so fancy lunches as well as the truly fun ones - just keeping it real :)