Thursday, February 28, 2013

Simple Seuss Lunch

This was a very simple lunch that I made for a very cranky Rose this morning! She had a complete meltdown because she wanted to wear the same (still unwashed) skirt from yesterday. Eventually she was convinced to put on another skirt and I whipped up this lunch in no time flat. She yelled the whole way out to the car but had miraculously recovered from her trauma of not wearing her first choice skirt by the time she arrived at school. It should be called the feisty fours! At least in our house.

Rose's The Cat In The Hat Lunch
Laminated Thing 1 and Thing 2 picture topping a bologna sandwich, goldfish, and apples

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CuteZCute cutter

What a fun new sandwich cutter! I have used this a couple of times now but I don't think that I have shared any photos before. The cutter set actually makes several different sandwiches - frog and bear pictured and cat & pig not pictured. There is the option of either stamping out or cutting out the face making for endless possibilities and not just sandwiches. 

Heidi's lunch - not travelling anywhere, just sitting in the fridge until she comes home at lunchtime.
Christmas Crack snack mix (recipe) , strawberries, veggies and a froggy sandwich
I know she'll want some ranch dip and I'll put it in the veggie cup when she asks.

Rose & Amy had very similar lunch items - neither one wanted the snack mix so just fruit and veggies for them
For Rose: Bear sandwich, hummus dip for her celery, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrot coins, strawberries

The carrots and tomatoes are from our garden. Hopefully, we'll have some strawberries soon. They are coming a few at a time right now and the little garden harvesting girls seem to keep eating them before any make it inside! Same for the green beans and snap peas.  Ah well - least they are eating their veggies.

For Amy: cucumbers, carrots, celery, strawberries and a froggy sandwich

Recently I received my order from All Things For Sale with lots of fun goodies inside. Hopefully it will give me a little inspiration as I feel that the creative juices have not really been flowing lately. Do you ever get in those kinds of ruts? Probably I need to go through and tidy up my bento accessories storage area. That usually helps me get back in the swing of things. You know, kind of like how little children clean their rooms - 10% cleaning and 90% playing with stuff they just found! haha.

These are some items that I used in these lunches today.

CuteZcute Bento Sandwich Cutter and Pastry Stamp Kit Japanese Bento Food Pick Cute Rabbit Frog Monkey Bear Pig Easylunchboxes bento lunch box pack of 4
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  Bento Lunch

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vegetarian lunch - no sandwich!

I bought some hummus especially for Rose since it's one of her favourites. This time I managed to get some into her lunch before my husband ate it all! He's a very sneaky late night eater. Well maybe not so sneaky since we always know it was him. 
A vegetarian lunch for Rose
popcorn, grapes, pineapple, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes from our garden
Stacy's Wholegrain pita chips and hummus

This is my kind of lunch too (well except  for the tomatoes!). I was in a bit of a rush since I had to drive for a school field trip that morning and the baby and I had to look more presentable than our usual morning attire when we left the house. Didn't even notice that I hadn't put any cute picks in there. Rose didn't either! It was a bit more food than her appetite and a tiny bit of everything came home uneaten. It's interesting how my children are so different in their tastes. Rose is a very adventurous eater who will try anything - octopus, oysters , mussels, clams, any vegetable or fruit. She definitely takes after her Dad! The picky one on the other hand would not be impressed to see this lunch vetoing the hummus, tomatoes and pita chips.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Simple Lunch for a day out

Amy had the chance to participate in a voice workshop with Voces8 and then give a free performance on the steps of City Hall. It was at 12:15 so we had to quickly rush over after picking up Heidi from school. You know how Heidi can't wait 2 minutes to eat her lunch after school so I packed her this little lunch to bring with us. I thought she might want to start eating it in the car so I used our lunchbots quad container as it's size is just perfect for her little hands and lap.

carrot sticks, pineapple, grapes, cheese sandwiches with cheese flower topper

I did pack a little cup of dip for her carrots after I took the picture (I forgot at first!)

Here's a little clip of their performance. Amy is in the very middle group (white shirts and khaki bottoms), in the second row. It was a bit windy and my video skills could use some work! 

Food Decorating Pick Puffy Pick Baby Flower 14 pcs

Monday, February 25, 2013

Easy Sandwich - butterfly

This was a really easy sandwich to make. I used one cutter to cut out the butterfly, used the same cutter to cut a strip of fruit leather for the body and stuck a few large sprinkles on with some peanut butter. So not a lot of work for a pretty sandwich. This was a lunch for Amy. 
grapes, strawberry, carrot sticks, ham sandwich

I find that I am using my  EasyLunchboxes  more and more these days. It's for two reasons. It seems to hold just the right amount of food for Amy and since she needs needs to pack 2 snacks instead of 1 snack most dasy the carry bag is just right. When I send a planetbox lunch I just can't accommodate the extra snack in the lunch bag. Since the planetbox itself is bigger I could put a snack inside but it's more convenient for her to have a little snack container instead of opening her whole lunchbox at snack time. So the EasyLunchboxes carry bag works out better, I can fit an ice pack, the easylunchbox, 2 small snack containers, cloth napkin and her drink. I still love our planetboxes and they do get used each week - afterall I am packing a lot of lunches each week, even if I don't have the chance to snap a photo!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

How much is that doggy in the window?

A cute puppy lunch for Amy. Amy has been begging for a puppy, a real puppy, for sometime now. We just aren't prepared to start that journey yet. One day we will. For now she'll have to settle for a puppy in her lunch. She was thrilled and ate it all.
Ham sandwich, goldfish, pineapple and grapes. 
pretty much all of her favourites so it's no surprise that she ate it all!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Butterfly stamped sandwich

This is Heidi's lunch from last Friday. She ate it at home as usual. I used the cookie cutter from one of my favourite sets to make the sandwich. Heidi is quite amusing when she comes home from school. She wants her lunch the second she walks in the door. On Friday, I had bought a couple of bags of groceries before I picked her up and I had barely put two things away when she came into the kitchen and said in her very little voice. "Mom you forgot something, my lunch!" She's so sweet so I set her lunch out on the table right away.

Butterfly stamped sandwich, ranch dip for the carrot sticks
honeydew melon & strawberries

This was all of her favourite things so she ate it all :)

This is the set that the cookie cutter came in:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pita chips & Hummus

Here's another lunch from last week. A no sandwich lunch for Rose - her favourite hummus and pita chips.

Rose's favourite lunch
hummus, Stacy's plain pita chips, carrot sticks and cucumbers
strawberries and grapes

I specifically bought the pita chips and hummus for Rose's lunches. Daddy discovered them that night and made himself a little snack. I had intended to give her this lunch a couple of times but alas the chips were all gone. I must admit that they are pretty tasty so I can't really blame him for his midnight snacking.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hearts for Amy

The last 3 weeks have been super busy. I had thought that everyone was well again but then the baby caught the flu last week. She was a little unwell during the first round of the flu in our house but I think that was just a cold. This time it must have been the real thing as she was feeling unwell for several days. I haven't had any free time to blog lunches but lots of time to cuddle my girls on the couch and watch cartoons. School is on break now so this week I will post a handful of lunches from last week since I won't be making any packed lunches.

Hearts for Amy
heart shaped ham sandwiches, mini cup of chocolate chips
carrots sticks and cucumbers
strawberries & grapes

Saturday, February 9, 2013

UN Day at school - indigenous people

United Nations Day is actually in October. At school we used to celebrate UN day on the correct day but it with school only starting in Mid-September it didn't leave a lot of time for a real in depth study of material. So now UN day at school is celebrated on February 1st. This year for UN day the classes at school learned about different indigenous peoples.  Each class sets up a display to share about the things that they have learned. In their classrooms they also display some extra work that was done during cultural studies and art. There are also some presentations by the older students. It's a nice morning at school that ends in a picnic lunch. Here are the girls with their class projects.

Heidi's class learned about Australia and the Aboriginal people

Rose's Class learned about Japan and the Ainu people

Rose's Koi Fish on the left (her cousin's is on the right )

Amy's class learned about Kenya, Tanzania and the Masai People

Amy's class' Masai village

Friday, February 8, 2013

Snack sized lunches

TGIF! I am so happy that it's Friday and the last day of school before mid-term break next week. We will all love a little change in routine. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can get out and do something fun.   The girls have a hot dog lunch at school today so I packed them a little "sides" bento.  I made them both the same for ease and speed.

carrot sticks, goldfish, honeydew melon, strawberries