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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Arrr! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy there mateys! Do ye know wha' today is lads an' lasses? It's talk like a pirate day! Me sent this here lunch t'school with me wee scallywag. Me hopes she has a jolly roger good time at lunch.

Rose's vegetarian lunch includes a boiled egg shaped like a fish, some goldfish crackers, red and green grapes and yogurt covered raisins for a sweet treat. I also packed carrot sticks and grape tomatoes. I made her cheese sandwich in the shape of a pirate! I didn't have any pirate themed cutters and I felt like I needed a little inspiration so I thought back to my Funky Lunch workshop. I used a circle cutter to cut the sandwich, and used red pepper for the bandanna, orange pepper for the nose, cheese and raisin for the eyes, fruit leather for the smile and earring. The eye patch was cut out of Nori with a pair of kitchen scissors. 

Rose was so happy to see her lunch in the morning that she wanted a photo with her lunch. She also decided to take that pink bandanna for her cloth napkin!

This lunch is part of a blog hop. Please click the button below to see the fabulous Pirate lunch that Rebecca from Bentos on the Bayou made.

After ye've sailed 'round this hop, hang on to yer sea legs!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Since "Thar Be Devil T' Pay!" today be Talk Like a Pirate Day th' lasses be hav'n fun pirate themed lunches. Amy  wanted t' wear her pirate outfit t' school an' be a bit put out when I said that she would have t' wear her school uniform. I bought some pirate tattoos an' I let them wear those t' school. All smiles agin :)
Amy's Planetbox Rover Lunch:
"Cannonball" honey dew melon, strawberries, goldfish
cucumbers & carrot sticks, chocolate gold doubloon, treasure map on ham sandwich

Today's post is a special one. It's part of a fun blog hop with a surprise at the end. Every blog in the hop has a piece of the map to the bento booty treasure - a giveaway! As you go through the hop, collect the pieces and put them in the right order to find out where to enter! You'll probably need something to write with, because there are 39 blogs to visit, so 39 pieces to collect! 37 pieces will spell the URL, and 2 bonus pieces with words on them will get you 2 entries to win! You will want to enter this giveaway - it's sponsored by All Things For Sale . Giveaway is open to everyone and closes Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 at MIDNIGHT EST

Rose's Planetbox Launch Lunch:

carrot sticks and apple slices, ham sandwich pirate ship & chocolate gold doubloon
s'mores goldfish, cantaloupe "cannonballs", strawberries

Ye "Blistering Barnacles!" might notice that this be a  carbunculously new planetbox. It's "Thar She Blows!" their  blunderingly new  one called th' Launch. It's "Blow Me Down!" a  lustily different  configuration an' has deeper compartments. Amy "Ye Landlubber!" & Rose both have th' same pirate joke in their lunches. They  don't eat lunch together so they won't mind.

Heidi's EasyLunchboxes Lunch: 
Princess Spaghetti, Captain Waffle apple with carrot sticks underneath
grapes and cantaloupe under a pair of cantaloupe roller skates

Heidi's pirate lunch be based on th' book Ye Can't Scare a Princess. It's a fun an' blistering silly  book bout a pirate named Cap'n Waffle who comes t' Cupcake Castle t' search fer th' treasure that be hidden in Princess Spaghetti's Garden. Th' lasses just laugh th' whole way through :) At th' end th' princess gives all o' th' pirates roller skates. Th' "Cap'n waffle" apple be a very abstract representation o' Cap'n Waffle. It's meant t' look like a waffle print on th' apple. It's "Stab That Crustation!" a stretch I know, but it be  blunderingly late . I put th' silicone cups in th' side compartments so that I can easily scoop them out when I heat aloft her spaghetti  later. I made some o' th' sticker picks specifically fer today. They will be one time use picks as they be just a sticker taped t' a toothpick.

Every Blogger Buccaneer in this here Hop has a piece o' th' treasure map! You'll need to "collect" each piece and put them together in the right order to find the treasure! You'll want some parchment and a quill, to keep a log with each clue and each number, because there are 39 scurvy pirates running amok with 39 pieces o' the map to collect! 37 pieces will guide you to the hidden treasure (by spelling out the URL where you can enter to win!) and there are 2 bonus pieces with the "secret passwords" to get two chances to win some pirate booty! Ye have until Sunday, Sept 23rd at Midnight EST to enter th' giveaway. So hop away!

This here's my piece o' the map! Good luck, Mateys!

"Blistering Barnacles!"  Click on th' button t' hop along t' th' next pirate lunch from  Debby at I Pack Lunch