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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Penguins! Before & After

I made this little penguins lunch for Emily and had a rare moment to snap a photo of the "after".

red & green grapes, a couple of carrot penguins, strawberries
Strawberry jam sandwiches, string cheese

This is what came home at the end of the day.
She ate almost everything. 

Here are some items that I used when making this lunch.
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Monday, January 14, 2013

A family of penguins.

School is back in and I haven't quite gotten back into our routine. I've made so many lunches already this year and only managed to take a photo on 2 days! Both of which had the same penguin sandwiches :) So here are a plethora of penguin lunches. A whole family of penguins if you will. 

Last week sometime -- all girls actually had exactly the same lunch. Rose and Amy took their EasyLunchboxes and I used an old divided lunch container for Heidi. Our other two EasyLunchboxes were already packed with yummy dinner leftovers in the fridge for Mommy & Daddy.

Ham penguin sandwiches, mini penguin cup filled with white chocolate chips, goldfish and oranges & red grapes

Heidi's Lunch

Today's Lunches -- all three girls had the same Easylunchbox but I didn't have a chance to snap a photo of Heidi's.
Amy's lunch

Raspberry muffins (that I made this morning!), strawberries and penguin ham sandwiches. There are mini marshmallows inside the mini penguin cups today.

Rose's lunch
All of the same food as Amy plus I added a few grapes. Amy had grapes in her morning snack so I didn't put them in her lunch again.

I happened to be at school at lunch time today so I know that Rose ate all of her lunch, Amy had choir at lunch  so hopefully she had time to eat all of her lunch. She ate 3 muffins for breakfast today so I doubt she was starving at lunch! That little girl just cannot resist warm raspberry or blueberry muffins. Just like her mom :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Easy Snacks for a busy morning!

These are from Friday - hot lunch day at school. Here are some snack/side bentos to go with the girls' hot lunch. I think it was pizza day :)

Rose's Snack
cheese circles, cantaloupe pieces, apple pieces, cucumber slices and grape tomatoes

Amy ended up coming home from school feeling sick that morning. Her eye was hurting her. She's actually at home today because she says her throat hurts. The little dance she did after her sisters left seem to indicate otherwise! Back to school tomorrow for sure!! This is her snack from Friday that she ended up eating at home.

It's the same as Rose's except Amy doesn't have tomatoes because she doesn't like them.

This is the third time that I used Fruit Fresh to keep the apple from turning brown. It works really well. I tested it at home previously, but I was able to give it another test on Friday since Amy brought hers home with her. At lunchtime the apples looked exactly the same.

I packed Heidi an EasyLunchbox and put it in the fridge.
She had Raspberry fromage frais, ham penguin sandwiches, grapes, clementine & carrots.

As usual I gave her some dip for her carrots at lunch time. She ate almost everything except not all of her sandwich and a few clementines.  She ate the fromage frais first - it's her favourite.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's snowing!

Well not really - we live in Bermuda! In fact, my children have never seen real snow.
Since lots of places have snow right now - here's a little snowy lunch for Rose. It was a quick lunch that Rose took to gymnastics last Saturday.

ham sandwich with mozzarella and fruit leathersnowman topper
boiled egg - snowflake desisgn and in a snowman cupcake liner
penguin cup with yogurt covered raisins and blueberries
penguin mini container with craisins
carrots - snowman noses!

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