Monday, January 14, 2013

A family of penguins.

School is back in and I haven't quite gotten back into our routine. I've made so many lunches already this year and only managed to take a photo on 2 days! Both of which had the same penguin sandwiches :) So here are a plethora of penguin lunches. A whole family of penguins if you will. 

Last week sometime -- all girls actually had exactly the same lunch. Rose and Amy took their EasyLunchboxes and I used an old divided lunch container for Heidi. Our other two EasyLunchboxes were already packed with yummy dinner leftovers in the fridge for Mommy & Daddy.

Ham penguin sandwiches, mini penguin cup filled with white chocolate chips, goldfish and oranges & red grapes

Heidi's Lunch

Today's Lunches -- all three girls had the same Easylunchbox but I didn't have a chance to snap a photo of Heidi's.
Amy's lunch

Raspberry muffins (that I made this morning!), strawberries and penguin ham sandwiches. There are mini marshmallows inside the mini penguin cups today.

Rose's lunch
All of the same food as Amy plus I added a few grapes. Amy had grapes in her morning snack so I didn't put them in her lunch again.

I happened to be at school at lunch time today so I know that Rose ate all of her lunch, Amy had choir at lunch  so hopefully she had time to eat all of her lunch. She ate 3 muffins for breakfast today so I doubt she was starving at lunch! That little girl just cannot resist warm raspberry or blueberry muffins. Just like her mom :)


  1. Love all of the penguins! So cute!

  2. Super cute penguins and I love the cute hat too!:)


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