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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School (#1)

Today is the first day of school for two of my girls. There is a staggered entry into school so Heidi will not go back until Thursday. Today, Amy started Primary 3 (like US Grade 2) & Rose started Primary 1 (like US Kindergarten). Heidi will be a Full Day in the Children's House at school which is like US Pre-K. New this year - Emily is starting a playgroup a few mornings a week. She starts next week.

Here they are all ready for school. Rose has gym today so she starts in her gym uniform and Amy starts in their regular uniform.

Lunch is packed in their Planetbox Rover lunchboxes today.

Rose's lunch; she's trying a little salad in her lunch for the first time!

grapes, sliced pineapple, salad with butter lettuce, radishes, cucumber & carrots, carrot sticks, orange pepper, celery, Rainbow Light kids one vitamin, turkey sandwich with cheddar topper.

Amy was a little less adventurous in her lunch choices today
grapes & pineapple, carrots sticks, cucumber & celery sticks, honey grahams and a turkey sandwich (she specifically wanted this puppy and dog house)

I am going to make an effort to pack fewer sandwiches this school year, but I wanted to start the first day off with something familiar, I'll start to try new things slowly. Next week, I am away for work so Daddy will be packing all of the lunches. I hope he takes a photo!

Rose was so happy to see her lunch she wanted me to take a photo of her with her lunch!

Here are some items that I used when making this lunch.

Disclaimer: if you make a purchase using the links on my site I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dolphin sandwiches made with a lunch punch

I made a very fast lunch for Heidi last week. I made this one just a few minutes before she came home from school. My girl likes her lunch right away so I had to be quick ;)

  There are 2 dolphin shaped sandwiches made using a lunch punch.
Some gummy vitamins are in the little red cup.
Veggies are carrots, celery and cucumbers.
Fruits are strawberries & grapes.

She didn't really eat the celery or much of the cucumber :( I'll still keep trying though! These cucumbers were from a pack of 5 baby cucumbers and they were really delicious.

Here are some items that I used when making this lunch.
Disclaimer: if you make a purchase using the links on my site I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support!
Easylunchboxes bento lunch box pack of 4 Japanese Bento Accessories Sauce Container set of 4 Mayo Cup    Japanese Bento Accessory Food Pick Sea Friends 3D food picks 8 pcs   Food Sandwich Cutter set of 4 Animal Shapes

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Funky Lunch Workshop part 1

Have you heard of the company Funky Lunch? They are based in the UK and offer fun food workshops for schools and fun food birthday parties. For people who are not lucky enough to be in their area, you can order a workshop kit and deliver your own funky lunch workshop at your school. The kit gives you all sorts of information, worksheets, tips and even a full day lesson plan. 

I brought the Funky Lunch workshop to my daughters' school and last week I gave part 1 of the workshop to 116 children aged 6-9. You could make a whole funky lunch workshop day but we chose certain parts and split it into two sessions. For part 1 we had parent volunteers and teachers help with a bread, fruit & veg tasting and then I did some demonstrations of a funky face and gave a little introduction to the activities of part 2. I didn't have a chance to review all of the results of the tasting (we ran a bit short on time so the teachers kept the notes for class review) but I was chatting with them as they rotated through to my station. Almost everyone said that they had tried something for the first time that morning, and many said they discovered that they liked a new food.

I was pretty busy during the workshop and didn't have a chance to take any photos myself. I do have one photo of a finished demo that I made last week with the children. A friend emailed it to me - Thanks Tali Gabai-Maiato! I think it ended up being the best demo. It was MY favourite anyway.

Funky Face girl made with - bread, radish, cucumber, carrot, orange pepper, red pepper & raisins.

There children were split into 6 groups so I made 6 demos. This girl was the last one. I asked the children for input as we went. They had lots of great suggestions - we should put a carrot bow in her hair, we should make radish ears - use the heart and then cut it in half to make two ears, We should use cucumber hearts for her earrings etc. They were having fun and I have to admit that I was having fun! The only tools used were a knife, and some cutters - 2 sizes of circles, heart, star & a mini bow.

I also made 2 aliens, a kitty cat face with a cherry tomato mouse, a butterfly with some flowers and a clown ( like in the actual funky lunch demo here ). You might notice that this isn't an actual sandwich. For the workshop we are only using 1 slice/layer of bread for the faces. If you wanted to pack this for lunch you would make the circle part of the face into a sandwich of your choice and then use either honey, peanut butter (or nut free butter) or similar to "glue" the embellishments to the sandwich. 

Tomorrow I am giving part 2 of the  Funky Lunch workshop  I think this is going to be the REALLY fun part! The children have now had the week to design their funky face sandwich and tomorrow they get to make them. During the demo I discussed all of the food choices that they will have available to use tomorrow. We'll have bread, carrots, cucumbers, red, orange, green & yellow peppers, scallions, broccoli sprouts, red and green leafy lettuce,  radishes, cherry tomatoes,  red & green grapes, raisins, plus cheddar & Muenster cheese. I can't wait to see what they come up with! 

Hopefully I'll be able to take lots of pictures this time. If I manage to take some photos of their finished creations, I will certainly share them on the blog (not the kids, just the food!). There is a a bit of prep work to do before the workshop tomorrow. A little peeling, slicing and organizing all of the items on trays for the workstations. There were several really great parent helpers last week, I hope they are all coming this week too!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Rose!

It's hard to believe that my little Rosie is 5! Her birthday was on Tuesday. A few evenings ago I spent a lot of time looking through photos of her for her birthday circle at school.  Seems like just yesterday she was this tiny little baby. This is her birthday lunch :)

carrots, strawberries and pineapple, goldfish & a ham sandwich with a cherry fruit leather topper

and just because here are some then and now photos :)
Rose at 16 days old

Rose at age 5

Here are some items (or similar) that I used to make this lunch:

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

How much is that doggy in the window?

A cute puppy lunch for Amy. Amy has been begging for a puppy, a real puppy, for sometime now. We just aren't prepared to start that journey yet. One day we will. For now she'll have to settle for a puppy in her lunch. She was thrilled and ate it all.
Ham sandwich, goldfish, pineapple and grapes. 
pretty much all of her favourites so it's no surprise that she ate it all!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Busy Mama, easy packed lunches

Life is BUSY these days. Work is busy (that's good!), family life is hectic and my favourite holiday is just around the corner. I have been spending all of my :free computer time doing everything but blogging! I have just a few photos of lunches from the past few weeks (remember my camera lens broke and I've been borrowing one here and there). Well just last night I got my new lens - yay! I'll be back to regular photos. So first up are two lunches for Amy and Heidi from a week or so ago. I have no idea what Rose ate that day but I promise I sent her lunch too :)

goldfish, strawberry fruit leather  ( Stretch Island Fruit co - it doesn't look that yummy in the photo but it's delicious!)
grapes and strawberry and a sandwich cut out with a lunch punch

Pretty much exactly the same --except I packed hers in her favourite EasyLunchbox. I think she likes the EasyLunchbox so much because the top is not attached like the planetbox and it's much lighter. She's only 3 and wants to eat immediately when we get home. Sometimes we bring her lunch and go on an errand so I think for lunch on the go it's much easier for her to manage. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unposted Lunch from Summer Camp !

I was looking quickly though my camera yesterday to try and delete some photos and make room on my camera card when I found a lunch from summer camp that was not posted! I only vaguely remember making it but I do know that this was for Amy :)

grapes with "gumball" picks, peanut butter crackers, watermelon, fruit snacks
a gumball machine shaped sandwich (likely ham!)

I can't figure out why it was never posted but I am going to go through 
my whole camera card now and see if I can find any more! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me! and some dolphin lunches :)

It's my birthday today! Tomorrow is Emily's 1st birthday. This year has gone by very quickly! Today all of the girls wanted dolphin sandwiches. What a nice birthday morning- fast lunches and they all agree :) 

Amy's Dolphin lunch
dolphin ham sandwiches,  goldfish, clementine, red grapes and carrot sticks. 
The one carrot stick looks wonky in the photo but I swear it didn't look weird in real life.

Rose's Dolphin Lunch
Vanilla pudding with sprinkles, clementine, red grapes, goldfish and dolphin ham sandwiches

Heidi's Dolphin Lunch
dolphin peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, red grapes, clementines, vanilla pudding

I finally ordered the EasyLunchboxes cooler bags. I have been having a little trouble with packing 2 snacks when I use the planetbox lunch system. I only need to pack two snacks on Wednesday and Thursday when Amy has after school activities. Otherwise she just takes a morning snack and everything fits perfectly. So when I decided that I would try out the EasyLunchboxes for Amy today (and of course Heidi), Rose said she wanted it too. So with the help of my trusty lunchpunch, these lunches were made quickly and easily.

This morning I went on a field trip with Heidi's class to pick up trash to help clean up planet Earth. (We all wore gloves and there was nothing too bizarre -- mostly candy wrappers, plastic straws and wraps from juice boxes etc). She was very excited about her field trip, then after about an hour she said "I'm tired of this." She's only 3 and she picked up lots of trash so we took a break and then all of the children played on the playground which I am sure she will tell you was the best part!

You might be interested in these items that I used today:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Easy school lunch day 2

It's been a bit busy around here as we make preparations for Hurricane Leslie. At first it was looking like a direct hit, but thankfully it seems to be tracking to our East so I am hoping that we will be in the safe zone. Only time will tell and it's not due to pass near us until Sunday. Finally I have a minute to share school lunch for Day 2 for Amy.  Heidi also started school on Amy's day 2. She was very excited to go and it was an easy drop off. She doesn't take lunch to school but I think I might make her a lunch in the morning as she is pretty hungry by the time she get's home from school. Having it all ready and in the fridge might be the best idea. 

Amy's lunch
gingermen cookies, carrots & tomato
cantaloupe & honeydew melons
fairy sandwich

Amy chose the picks, the sandwich and of course the cookies that she wanted. I just put it all together. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something Sweet!

A sweet little lunch for Amy. Amy had her Primary 1 graduation last week. The class was graduating from the 3-6 program at school and moving up to the 6-9 program. We had mini cupcakes to celebrate and had a few left over so I thought I would include a sweet celebration in her lunch the next day. 

Amy's Lunch
mini cupcake, green grapes, honeydew melon, strawberries,
cucumber sticks, carrots (from our garden), peanut butter to dip them in
2 "ice cream sandwiches" with sprinkles

The cupcake was a pretty rare lunch box treat.  
She ate almost all of her lunch. Probably the cupcake first :-o

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cupcake party

Rose's lunch. Would have been a great birthday lunch.

strawberries with party hats, green & purple grapes, granola bites
ham sandwich cupcake

I made it for her the day after her birthday party. So it still kind of fit with the whole party atmosphere.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Princess Crowns

Princess crown sandwiches for 2 of my little princesses :)

Pink for Amy
diced peaches, clementines, honeydew melons, craisins
popcorn, ham sandwich crown

Blue & Green for Rose
blue vanilla yogurt, sprinkles in the HK cup
honeydew melon & clementines, craisins
popcorn & a bologna sandwich crown

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lookin' Green

Green themed lunch for Heidi. 
green vanilla yogurt with sprinkles in the green cup, honeydew melon,
popcorn with green sprinkles, craisins, bologna sandwich - frog prince

 I started out making her sandwich with the frog prince lunch punch and then remembered that Bento Blog Network has a green theme this week. I have been wanting to participate in those for weeks now but I never remember to get it together. So a few quick changes of plan and Viola! Green themed lunch.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Froggies & Piggies

Gymnastics day bentos for the girls. I always pack a little lunch for them and we eat it in between classes outside on the little wall.

grapes, fishies & two cheese froggy sandwiches.
(new-ish frog cutter came from International Imports)

Amy's lunch
grapes, pineapples, two piggy sandwiches

Rose's lunch
pineapples, grapes, frog prince sandwiches

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

hodge podge lunch.

A little of this, a little of that. I thought I had plenty of time in the morning to make lunch. Somehow the morning slipped away and these ended up a bit shy on the finishing touches. Never mind, The girls were happy as they each chose the different parts of their lunch so really it was EXACTLY what they wanted ;)

Bunny shaped boiled egg, ritz pretzel minis, grapes, vitamins
celery & carrot sticks, grape tomatoes with French dressing dip

Heidi's lunch
car shaped boiled egg, ritz crackers, string cheese
grapes, blackberries, vitamins & a ham car sandwich

Amy's lunch
fish shaped boiled egg, ritz crackers, celery & carrot sticks
grapes, vitamins, shark/fish sandwiches

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beep! Beep!

Car sandwich today for Amy
popcorn, frozen frubes yogurt, vitamins
mandarin oranges & halved green grapes
Car sandwich with a little girl pick driver and fruit leather tyres.

These grapes were huge so I halved them to fit a bit better in the lunchbox. Normally I put mandarin oranges in the little dipper container to keep their juice from leaking out into the next comparment. Since it was just a few pieces today I blotted them with a paper towel. I think it will be fine. KMFX!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Simple Lunch

A very simple lunch for Heidi from last week.

mandarin oranges, ritz munchables,
honeydew & blueberries, frozen frubes yogurt (and spoon for oranges)
blueberries & honeydew melon, gummy vitamin
lunch punch puzzle pieces sandwich

 I think this is her favourite cutter -- she always eats her whole sandwich when I use this lunch punch.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cute little doggy

Amy's friend got a new puppy this summer. She wanted me to make a sandwich to look like her friend's puppy. Well she got a little puppy but it doesn't look at all like her friend's Yorkie. She has a good imagination though -- she can pretend :)

diced peaches, granola bites, frozen frubes yogurt
honeydew & blueberries, gummy vitamins
little puppy in the doghouse sandwich - fruit leather and a sugar eye

This was yesterday's lunch and she ate almost everything :)

Ocean Theme

Ocean themed lunches today. Amy took a book about dolphins for show and tell so it matches -- but mostly because the girls begged for shark bites!

fish shaped boiled egg, ritz crackers, honeydew, mandarin oranges
cheese stick, shark bites & dolphin sandwiches (cut with a lunch punch)

fish shaped boiled egg, ritz crackers, honeydew, diced peaches
cheese stick, shark bites, fish sandwich (PB) cut with a cookie cutter

Frog Prince

The frog prince for Rosie.

mandarin oranges, granola bites, honeydew & blue berries,
gummy vitamin, frozen frubes yogurt,
frog prince sandwich - yellow sprinkles on peanut butter for the crown

Almost everything was eaten today!