Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I heart you, Valentine!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner so I made a
fun little lunch for one of my wee Valentines.
We are actually on mid-term break right now
so this lunch was eaten at home.

I <3 u sandwich is a simple strawberry jam and peanut butter sandwich with a heart cutout and some cheddar cheese toppers. You might see the peanut butter if you look really closely, it's under the top slice of bread. This sandwich could not have been easier to make. Cut out the main heart shape, cut a mini heart out of the middle of one slice. Spread the bottom slice of bread with jam and the top slice with peanut butter. Top with the cheddar cutouts and voila!

Heidi also has honeydew melon cubes topped with strawberry hearts, a few grapes and some baby carrots. We so rarely have baby carrots here in Bermuda. They are fun to try every now and then but I must be honest, our local carrots are the tasty ones!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are here! Here's a fun lunch that I made for myself in my Easy Lunchboxes to celebrate the start of the Olympics.
I made a peanut butter sandwich with a
provolone and cheddar torch shaped topper.
I packed baby carrots & ranch dip in the mini green cup
and ended with strawberries and green grapes for something sweet.

The Winter Olympics aren't big in Bermuda and we don't have many athletes that participate.
I'll be cheering for all of the Commonwealth Athletes during these Olympics.
Good Luck to all!
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