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Saturday, February 9, 2013

UN Day at school - indigenous people

United Nations Day is actually in October. At school we used to celebrate UN day on the correct day but it with school only starting in Mid-September it didn't leave a lot of time for a real in depth study of material. So now UN day at school is celebrated on February 1st. This year for UN day the classes at school learned about different indigenous peoples.  Each class sets up a display to share about the things that they have learned. In their classrooms they also display some extra work that was done during cultural studies and art. There are also some presentations by the older students. It's a nice morning at school that ends in a picnic lunch. Here are the girls with their class projects.

Heidi's class learned about Australia and the Aboriginal people

Rose's Class learned about Japan and the Ainu people

Rose's Koi Fish on the left (her cousin's is on the right )

Amy's class learned about Kenya, Tanzania and the Masai People

Amy's class' Masai village

Sunday, January 22, 2012

975 to go ...

Paper chain links that is. We're working on our Family Fun List #34 - make a 1000 paper chain. Since we are a family with 5 able paper chain makers, it probably wouldn't take us that long to just go ahead and make a huge paper chain. While it would be fun and we can marvel at the magnificence of 1000 links, it's not all that challenging. So we're kicking it up a notch and writing on each link the title of a book that either Amy has read by herself or one that has been read to Rose & Heidi &/or Amy. Basically each link represents a children's book read in some fashion. So far we have 25 links completed. Woo hoo!
I didn't come up with this idea right away on Jan 1st, and we really have just started this past week. I think we will need to step it up a notch on the reading to make up the time, but I believe that we can get it done. Here are our chains so far. (Since taking the photo I have added one more link.)

I am currently letting them make 2 separate chains that we will join together later. Mostly so that Amy can see her reading chain on it's own and track her personal reading progress. I am going to have her write the book titles on her own links from now on for the handwriting practice, this week  we have both written the titles.

The only hiccup in the master plan is figuring out how to keep the duplicates out of the chain. The littles tend to want to have the same books read over and over so I don't know what to do about that. So far it hasn't been an issue since it's only been a week. The plan is not to read 1000 different books, just 1000 books so I might not worry about the duplicates and just try to encourage variety with trips to the library etc. Anyone have any suggestions about the handling of duplicates? If someone has an idea for an easy system I can keep the duplicates out. Once we go over 100 books I know I won't be able to remember which ones are on the chain and which ones aren't. My memory is good, just not that good - there's a lot of other stuff floating around in there! I also don't want to skim through a list of 100's of books each time we read one either.

Comments & Suggestions welcome!