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Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Fun Lunch!

Today I made a fun Minnie Mouse themed lunch for Heidi.

Heidi has a boiled egg, 2 Minnie Mouse jam sandwiches (equal to half a sandwich), carrot sticks and ranch dip, a segmented clementine, a handful of green grapes and the cutest little banana that I ever saw!

My Mom dropped off a small bunch of these cute little bananas. She said she thought they would be the perfect size for lunch and they were. I made a small cut near the top to make it easy for her to peel.

Here are some items that I used when making this lunch.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Minnie Mouse for lunch!!

That was the exclamation that my sweet little Heidi made when she saw her lunch yesterday. She's really a very happy child and she is always so excited about lunch. Any food really ;)
Minnie mouse sandwich, carrot coins and celery, apples, grapes & blueberries

I used a toast stamp that I bought at Disney to make the sandwich. The eyes didn't show up very well on my bread so I used the candy eyes and a candy dot nose. It kind of reminds me of Fozzy bear from the Muppets now. oops. Heidi knew it was meant to be Minnie. She ate almost everything leaving a few grapes, blueberries and carrot coins. Emily and I ate those for her :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Minnie Mouse Lunches

I just came back from a quick weekend business trip to Disney. I didn't take the kids this time as I wasn't able to add any extra days for some family fun. I did bring home a few $$$ Disney snacks so that I could make them a few fun lunches. Here are a few Minnie and friends lunches that I made them yesterday morning.

Amy's Planetbox Lunch
Mickey Mouse crackers, and Mickey & Friends cookies
carrot sticks,with peanut butter for dipping and a few cucumber rounds
Minnie Mouse chocolate coin, strawberry and grapes
Minnie Mouse ham sandwich

Rose has the same thing

I did bring them a few Disney surprises but I came home to the biggest surprise of all. My husband, Mom and brother orchestrated a huge household project. They switched our larger bedroom with the girls' smaller bedroom so that they could have more room. TRUST me it was a TON of work. I also understand there were some other helpers involved in looking after the littles while this huge project was underway - especially during the painting, I have wanted to do this for some time but it was just a huge, daunting task and usually this kind of thing gets me all flustered. There is still some work to do to make sure that everything has a place and I will start on that this week. Somehow they even got my husband to agree to pink walls for the girls' room! He thinks everything should be white. Truthfully I am not fussed over decorating or aesthetics so if white makes him happy so be it. The girls' really love their new larger, pink room so I am glad he let them pick. (sort of -- I understand they really wanted dark turquoise walls and compromised to their second choice of light pink - LOL!)

Heidi's EasyLunchboxes Lunch -- made in the morning but put in the fridge until lunch time.
As usual she came home starving and ate her lunch right away.

The sandwiches look very good in real life, but my photography skills do not do them any justice! I followed  Wendelonia's advice and stamped the image into the top slice first before making the sandwich. Her's come out great even in photos. My Mickey Mouse press is meant for toast and the image looks great on toast!

My last flight into Bermuda was crazy. It was raining so heavily when the plane first tried to land that the pilot couldn't see properly so the landing gear only slightly touched down and then we took off again and circled. The second time was better and the heavy rain had moved off and we landed slightly bumpy but safely. I was worried that they wouldn't even try again and we'd have to fly back! Thankfully it worked out and I am glad to be at home once again.

Here are some items that I used making these lunches:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hey Mouseketeers!

It's M I C K E Y  M O U S E!
green grapes, Mickey Mouse cheese sandwich
Mickey Mouse egg, grape tomatoes & carrot sticks
blueberry & raspberry cup

My black food writer marker was not cooperating and was looking kind of green really. So I had a brilliant idea to paint the egg and cheese ears with black food colouring. I saw it done here ages ago. Well, basically I made a mess. The bento looks OK but my hands don't! I also question whether this is going to make a mess when she eats it. It's all blotted and truly I only used the tiniest drop but it went a LONG way. I only touched the brush to the food colouring one time for each item! anyway, I might still try it some other time and just try to remember to be more careful!

I should mention that this is an at home lunch for Heidi. So it's not packed super tightly as it does not need to be transported :)
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mickey Mouse

Gymnastics day bento for Rosie

  • grapes
  • peanut butter sandwich
  • ranch dip in the orange cup
  • celery sticks, carrot sticks, grape tomatoes
  • honeydew melon
  • Mickey Mouse boiled egg

All packed up in her Sassy box and ready to go to gymnastics.