Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Fun Lunch!

Today I made a fun Minnie Mouse themed lunch for Heidi.

Heidi has a boiled egg, 2 Minnie Mouse jam sandwiches (equal to half a sandwich), carrot sticks and ranch dip, a segmented clementine, a handful of green grapes and the cutest little banana that I ever saw!

My Mom dropped off a small bunch of these cute little bananas. She said she thought they would be the perfect size for lunch and they were. I made a small cut near the top to make it easy for her to peel.

Here are some items that I used when making this lunch.
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  1. Looks so awesome! Love the background you chose to tie it all together too!

    1. Thanks! It's the funkins napkin that I sent to school with her lunch :)

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