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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Princess Crowns

Princess crown sandwiches for 2 of my little princesses :)

Pink for Amy
diced peaches, clementines, honeydew melons, craisins
popcorn, ham sandwich crown

Blue & Green for Rose
blue vanilla yogurt, sprinkles in the HK cup
honeydew melon & clementines, craisins
popcorn & a bologna sandwich crown

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Queen for a day!

Well for a lunch :) I made both girls little crown sandwiches for lunch. I took a little extra care compared to the last time I used this lunch punch and I think it was a huge improvement. This was yesterday's lunch for school. Monday's lunch was totally boring so I didn't take a photo. Once again, very similar lunches. for each of them. I must say this really makes life easy - doing the same or almost the same for each one in the morning.

Queen Amy's Crown
popcorn, yo kids cherry yogurt, fruit leather 'A'
cantaloupe, peanut butter crown sandwich

This was a miniature re-trial of the fruit leather. Last time she hated it and said it was gross. This time she said it was the BEST THING EVER. It is Stretch Island Fruit Co. cherry - she came home and wanted some more and also tried the strawberry one again and now she likes them both. Sheesh. I bought an apple one also to try but they haven't had a chance yet. So the verdict is still out on apple.

Queen Rose's Crown
popcorn, cheese & crackers, fruit leather 'R'
grapes, cantaloupe, peanut butter crown sandwich

Amy got the last yogurt, so Rose had butterfly cheese and crackers which really has nothing to do with her crown but it just happened to be the kind of crackers we had.
 Rose did not love the cherry fruit leather R - or the strawberry one either :( Each crown was in their favourite colours so they were thrilled! I used coloured sugar for the hearts and Wilton jumbo diamond icing decorations for the jewels. Who wouldn't love that for lunch?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Princess' Crown

I've been tired all day today. I started a new medicine this morning that said may cause drowsiness - well it's either that or the fact the H & R had trouble sleeping last night which translates to no sleep for Mommy & Daddy! Either way I have needed a rest all day. Anyhow, the girls wanted MTM for lunch again today. It's the last one of the week since we are going out for lunch tomorrow and they are back to school next week,  so I had intended to put in a bit more effort than usual. This turned out to be the most difficult one of all, not because of any wild and impressive techniques - but because all 3 girls were hovering and helping all the while exclaiming that they were starving yet again. The girls did enjoy helping so that's what's important :)

First off A's lunch:

grapes, 1/2 orange, mac & cheese, yogurt with sprinkles ( this really is a vacation favourite!), PB crown sandwich, crown icing decoration, apple stars.

R's Lunch -pretty much the same. The center of the crown is a punched out heart. I let them put their own coloured sugar on those for decoration. I was going to adorn the crown with jewels - AKA Wilton large icing decorations, coloured diamonds, circles etc. but naturally the kids just could not wait an extra moment! Oh well it's less sugar for them anyway :) I was also going to make those star apples into wands but again - the kids were too hungry to wait!

H's Lunch: even H was standing up at the counter eager to help!

Halved red grapes, orange slices, mac & cheese, fairy princess PB sandwich (who looks a little sad), apple cutouts - the trimmings of the other girls' stars.

Next week it's back to packing lunches for A & R. I've been using their planetbox almost every school day for them - perhaps I'll get all wild and crazy and choose something different. I'll ask the girls to think of a fun lunch theme and go from there.