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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Barbie Birthday Party

Rose and Amy had a joint birthday party with some family and a few friends from school. Here are some photos from the day. It was a blast!

Rose's Cake

Amy's Cake

Decadent Desserts! Cupcakes, Barbie doll cakes, popcorn twists, tropical pudding delight, sugar-free strawberry Jello-O parfaits, cookies, oreo cakesters and part of the candy buffet is shown.

I did not put any candy in the treat boxes, I let each guest choose their own from the candy buffet and fill up a little bag of sweets to take home.

Favour boxes -- very easy to make. Hot glue on the ribbon and thank you tag (my Aunt did this for me while I was doing a lot of paper punching and cutting!). I filled them with some Barbie & princess trinkets and then I tied on the little name tags.

Popcorn twists in little boxes - again we hot glued on the tags

Whey free cupcakes  - paper toppers, Barbie silhouettes, flowers

Another view of the desserts table

Sugar cookies

Strawberry Kool Aid and Sugar Free Lemonade
The theme was Barbie in Princess Charm School. We practiced balancing books on our heads like in the movie and then had a race, we made tiaras, and had some princess themed candy and favours in the favour boxes. We also played the girls' favourite party games -- pass the parcel and freeze dance. 

Somehow, I managed to not have any photos of the regular food! We had pizza, mini quiche, mini sausage rolls, meatballs etc. Several items were whey free to accommodate a guest with food allergies and I put a little smiley face on the back of those food labels. Unfortunately, I burned the special pizza for that guest, but there was still enough extras for her to eat.

There were many other printed accessories from my party pritnables kit but I didn't have good photos of all of them somehow. It was a busy day!!
After a huge morning shower which had me worried, it turned out to be a sunny afternoon and loads of fun for the kids. It was lots of work and I'll probably scale down a bit next year -- but I have been told I say that EVERY year!

Paper boxes, assorted candy, candy bags - Oriental Trading
Party Printables - 505Designs (I HIGHLY recommend - she was accommodating and fast!)
Doll Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes - Cake Boutique Celebration
Jewellery Organiser  (that held candy necklaces) - Linens & Gifts