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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Simple Lunch

A very simple lunch for Heidi from last week.

mandarin oranges, ritz munchables,
honeydew & blueberries, frozen frubes yogurt (and spoon for oranges)
blueberries & honeydew melon, gummy vitamin
lunch punch puzzle pieces sandwich

 I think this is her favourite cutter -- she always eats her whole sandwich when I use this lunch punch.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Puzzle Sandwich

A bit of a hodge podge lunch for Heidi's second day of nursery school.

bunny shaped boiled egg, ritz munchables, strawberry, grapes, craisins,
ranch dip cup,  cucumbers, carrot sticks, grape tomato
cheese sandwich puzzle pieces

No picks or decorations as she's only 2 :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Puzzle bentos!

Two more puzzle bentos :) They are very similar with slight changes for individual tastes - plus it's grocery day so I'm trying to use up the odds and ends.

Rose's lunch
clementines & strawberries, grapes,
 carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, ranch dip
puzzle sandwich stacked- peanut butter

Amy's lunch
puzzle sandwich stacked - peanut butter
carrot sticks & celery sticks with PB dip
diced peaches, strawberries

I switched to a bread with 100% whole grain - the picky one is already complaining.
I'm going to keep trying though.

Puzzle Pieces

The girls are loving our new Puzzle Pieces Lunch Punches - I bought mine locally but you can also find them online.  Here is it again today in a little bento for Heidi.

strawberry jam & cream cheese puzzle sandwich (they really fit together!)
grape tomatoes & cucumber pieces with a little ranch dip
clementines & craisins

Linking to What's for Lunch Wednesday:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lunch & A Snack

A snack for camp and a quick little lunch for afterwards as she is going on a playdate.

Snack for camp:
PB roll up, grapes, apple, strawberry

Puzzle pieces ham sandwich, goldfish, craisins in the HK cup
mandarin oranges, grapes, apple, strawberry

It was a bit of a rush this morning and I barely had time to snap a pic & pack it up!