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Sunday, December 9, 2012

North Pole Breakfast and our new Elf on the Shelf

I caved into the pressure. I bought the Elf and the kids LOVE it! They named their new elf Snowflake and this is the breakfast when he arrived for the first time. I had originally wanted to start on December 1st but Amy went to a friend's birthday party sleepover so we postponed 1 day, starting on December 2nd. I had a few other fun touches that were meant to be added but the special items didn't arrive in time - so I am saving them for some fun elf scenes in the coming weeks.
The girls had - raspberry mini muffins, snowballs (powdered donuts), Hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream & sprinkles and a few elf kisses. Snowflake bought them all new pajamas and a book for Emily instead. I had printed up a menu and was planning on making these cute reindeer pancakes but they didn't want any! Another day then.
Each place setting had a little namecard, a fun plate and a new Santa Mug (from Gibbon's Company). The new plates that I had ordered did not make it in time so thankfully I had some fun holiday serving trays and I used those instead.
I typed out an introduction letter using these party printables and we also read the book in the morning. Well Amy read it to her sisters. I just cuddled on the couch with them :)

I think the hot chocolate was the highlight!

Rose woke up early, tried on her new pajamas and then promptly got dressed! 

I purchased this stationery set from PaperGlitter and set it up so that they could write letters to Santa. 
That was fun. Heidi wanted me to write for her. "Santa I really like you and please bring me these presents." Right to the point <3

All smiles! Those little blue 80's style glove things were a party favor from the birthday party. 
She wore them ALL DAY!

Snowflake has had a few adventures so far. Nothing too crazy. She took a ride on a dolphin, brought the girls the Elf on the Shelf DVD and watched it and tonight she is hanging out in our Christmas tree and decorated it with some reindeer candy canes. She is definitely a nice elf and I don't think she will get up to much trouble ;)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Morning Breakfast: Shirred Eggs

Sunday morning breakfast for two! The girls ate breakfast earlier ( they woke up at 6 am today!) and then the hubby and I had a later breakfast, just the two of us. This is a very easy method that I learned from the Barefoot Contessa many years ago. Thanks Ina! You can adjust it to use your favourite herbs or what you have on hand. This is the way that we LOVE it.

Shirred Eggs for two

1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp heavy cream
4 eggs, cracked into 2 prep bowls -- 2 eggs into each bowl and ready to go
a few snips of chives
2 tbsp parsley
1 tbsp fresh thyme

Turn on the broiler. Put two small gratin dishes on a baking sheet and place 1/2 a tbsp butter and 1 tbsp heavy cream into each. Put them under the broiler for about 3 minutes until they are bubbly and hot. Remove the gratin dishes from the oven and pour in the eggs, 2 into each gratin dish. Don't break the yolks! Share the parsley, thyme and chives between both dishes. Season with salt & freshly ground pepper. Return to the broiler for about 7 more minutes until the egg whites are mostly cooked. We like our whites cooked through and the yolks a bit runny. Adjust the cooking time to your tastes, upon standing they will continue to cook slightly. Keep an eye on them to make sure that they are cooking evenly, rotate as necessary. Remove from the oven and let stand for about 1 more minute. Serve with buttered toast. Be careful as the dishes are hot!

It is extremely easy to increase this recipe to accommodate more servings as you are making individual serving dishes anyway. This is also a good recipe to create for a few extra guests as it has a bit of a wow factor yet is so easy to make. 

If you don't have these cute little gratin dishes you can also use ramekins. I bought my gratin dishes at International Imports ages ago but I imagine they still keep them in stock.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sunny Scrambled eggs

We have started work on our family fun list #103 cook every recipe in a children's cook book. We choose one of our children's cook books to use and started cooking out of it yesterday. The book is by Annabel Karmel  called Children's First Cookbook.

Sunny scrambled eggs with buttered toast.
 Clockwise - Amy's with the ketchup, Heidi's, Rose's
Amy cracked the eggs and added the milk, salt and pepper. Rose stirred it all up (Heidi is sick but she stirred it a little too) and I cooked it on the stove. They all buttered and cut their own toast and arranged it to look like the sun. Very cute and extremely easy. I made some bacon to add. Normally, none of the girls like pepper in their eggs but since they were making it and following the directions, they didn't even mention a problem and neither did I. They just went along and added the pepper and then ate all of their eggs. *Might* be on to something here. I think they liked twisting the pepper mill. When I put pepper there are protests of "I don't want that black stuff in my eggs" - LOL!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alien Pancakes

We have been having pancakes on Sunday mornings for as long as I can remember. However, there was a little break in our routine as life at the end of pregnancy and then with the new baby took some twists and turns. When I asked who was going to make the pancakes last Sunday the girls were so happy to be back on track they all volunteered. Usually, Rose is my go to pancake maker and she has been making them with me since she was a wee one. This week everyone helped and we decided on Alien pancakes.

Measuring the dry ingredients. I make up a homemade mix and store it in a container. This makes for very fast work in the measuring department.

Next we mix up the wet ingredients. Eggs, water, vanilla, melted butter...

Mix it all together and then I put them on the griddle.

Voila! pancakes.

These are just plain pancakes.  We make many different kinds but plain is still a favourite. To decorate them up a bit we made aliens by adding bacon, clementines, grapes, blackberries, apples & candy eyes!