Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vegetarian, No sandwich lunches!

Lately, I have been drooling over the lunches on Organized Bites. Everything looks so wonderful and I would love for my girls to eat like that! The lunches I packed today are sort of a nod to Scout's lunches as they were really the general idea that inspired me. 

Rose's lunch. I did not focus on a theme today, more the actual foods.
boiled egg, strawberries, grapes & cantaloupe, hazelnut biscotti, salad with baby curly leaf lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, carrots, orange pepper, and alfalfa sprouts and the little star is a vitamin. 

Rose ASKED for salad today. yay! She just said "no radishes, please". So she has 3 new items today - hazelnut biscotti, raw broccoli and alfalfa sprouts. She prefers cooked broccoli so I'm just giving raw broccoli a little lunch test. I cut the pieces very tiny so they can be a little nibble for each bite.

Amy's Lunch - she's my most picky eater.
boiled egg, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, hazelnut biscotti, butter lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, a single baby button mushroom and a tiny bunch of alfalfa sprouts.

The number of raw vegetables that Amy likes is very limited. Cooked is a different story and she eats lots at dinner, but cooked and then cold in a lunch she doesn't like either (most of the time). The mushrooms and alfalfa sprouts are new. Also, I am not sure that she will eat the lettuce but I sure hope that she tries it! It's a very nice baby butter lettuce from Wadson's farms. She also does not like any kind of salad dressing at all so there's no sending some dressing as a dip for encouragement. She doesn't like any of the store bought varieties and none of the homemade ones that I have made. I have been trying to give her salad type vegetables for ages in the hopes that I could build up to an actual salad. Still workin' on it!

You may have noticed that my pictures are, quite frankly,  horrible lately. My camera dropped and is broken yet again! The inside makes a funny noise when I try to take a photo. These are actually touched up versions to adjust brightness, contrast etc so you can imagine what the originals look like! I am going to buy a new camera soon, going for a little inexpensive point and shoot this time since I can't seem to be responsible enough to have an expensive one :( 

Here are some items that I used when making this lunch.
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  1. Looks delicious! So pretty and colorful :D

  2. so sad, my camera dropped also. UGH I just sent it off to get fixed to the tune of $300 something dollars!
    blach. cute lunches. I've been taking pictures with my phone. sigh


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