Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's snowing!

Well not really - we live in Bermuda! In fact, my children have never seen real snow.
Since lots of places have snow right now - here's a little snowy lunch for Rose. It was a quick lunch that Rose took to gymnastics last Saturday.

ham sandwich with mozzarella and fruit leathersnowman topper
boiled egg - snowflake desisgn and in a snowman cupcake liner
penguin cup with yogurt covered raisins and blueberries
penguin mini container with craisins
carrots - snowman noses!

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  1. Amanda, this is so cute, I love it! My son has not seen snow too. Down here in FL there is no snow and whenever we go up north for vacation,we miss the snow. Have to try again this year :)

    1. We always miss it too. Except one time I actually cancelled the trip because there was too much snow. haha. Didn't think we needed to travel right before an expected snowstorm - and it was a good decision as we would have been stuck for days!

  2. Cute! Good job for now snow!! Thanks for submitting to Bento Blog Network!

  3. Love the Bento lunches! This would be a great idea for moms of special needs children (like me, my son has Down syndrome) to get their young kids to try new foods and textures! And learn shapes and colors, too! Thanks for the follow! (There are a lot of Bento moms on Pinterest!)


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