Monday, February 25, 2013

Easy Sandwich - butterfly

This was a really easy sandwich to make. I used one cutter to cut out the butterfly, used the same cutter to cut a strip of fruit leather for the body and stuck a few large sprinkles on with some peanut butter. So not a lot of work for a pretty sandwich. This was a lunch for Amy. 
grapes, strawberry, carrot sticks, ham sandwich

I find that I am using my  EasyLunchboxes  more and more these days. It's for two reasons. It seems to hold just the right amount of food for Amy and since she needs needs to pack 2 snacks instead of 1 snack most dasy the carry bag is just right. When I send a planetbox lunch I just can't accommodate the extra snack in the lunch bag. Since the planetbox itself is bigger I could put a snack inside but it's more convenient for her to have a little snack container instead of opening her whole lunchbox at snack time. So the EasyLunchboxes carry bag works out better, I can fit an ice pack, the easylunchbox, 2 small snack containers, cloth napkin and her drink. I still love our planetboxes and they do get used each week - afterall I am packing a lot of lunches each week, even if I don't have the chance to snap a photo!

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