Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vegetarian lunch - no sandwich!

I bought some hummus especially for Rose since it's one of her favourites. This time I managed to get some into her lunch before my husband ate it all! He's a very sneaky late night eater. Well maybe not so sneaky since we always know it was him. 
A vegetarian lunch for Rose
popcorn, grapes, pineapple, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes from our garden
Stacy's Wholegrain pita chips and hummus

This is my kind of lunch too (well except  for the tomatoes!). I was in a bit of a rush since I had to drive for a school field trip that morning and the baby and I had to look more presentable than our usual morning attire when we left the house. Didn't even notice that I hadn't put any cute picks in there. Rose didn't either! It was a bit more food than her appetite and a tiny bit of everything came home uneaten. It's interesting how my children are so different in their tastes. Rose is a very adventurous eater who will try anything - octopus, oysters , mussels, clams, any vegetable or fruit. She definitely takes after her Dad! The picky one on the other hand would not be impressed to see this lunch vetoing the hummus, tomatoes and pita chips.

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  1. Yummy looking lunch! We love hummus too! Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday!


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