Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A trio of trees

My mojo has been lacking lately. I have been making lots of healthy lunches, they've just been a little low on flair. Here are some recent lunches. All of the girls had similar lunches, keeping it easy for me!

Heidi's lunch

Heidi has strawberries, half a banana, green grapes and a tree shaped sandwich ( probably ham but I can't remember!)

Amy's Lunch

Amy has cucumbers yellow peppers, green grapes, strawberries, goldfish and a tree shaped sandwich

Rosie's lunch

Rosie has yellow peppers & grape tomatoes, green grapes and strawberries, goldfish crackers and a tree shaped sandwich.

There are slight differences in the lunches as their favourites are different - banana is one of Heidi's favourites, cucumbers are one of Amy's favourites (she would never eat a banana!), bell peppers of any colour are definitely Rosie's favourite item in her lunch. So even though these are mostly the same they were each happy to have one of their favourites for lunch. 

Almost everything was eaten. Rose left a bite of sandwich and Amy left the peppers. It was a trial, she still doesn't really like them. And is case you are wondering what happened to the other half of the banana - baby sister Emily ate it for breakfast. She LOVES bananas too.

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