Monday, April 16, 2012

From Pinterest to my life...

I am totally addicted to pinterest and am always re-creating, printing, and using something that I have seen on pinterest. Another blog that I enjoy reading does just that - 365 Days of Pinterest Creations, everyday they complete one pinned activity. Fabulous! Well I don't make a conscious decision to do something that I have pinned everyday but I do follow through on a lot of my pins quite frequently. Here are the most recent things that I have not already posted about. I have linked all of the titles to the original post and linked my boards names to my boards. If you like what I've pinned and you want to keep up with my pins just click on the little pinterest button at the top of this page to follow me :)

Super easy recipe! 5 Ingredients and made using biscuit dough. I have made these several times now and they are a family favourite. I have one tip to add - put the Muffin Tin on a cookie sheet to keep any melted butter from bubbling over down to the bottom of the stove and smoking out the kitchen!

I've never met Aunt Betty but I certainly <3 her now! I made up a batch of this cake in a mug mix and it could not be easier. I usually add a few chocolate chips on top right when it's done or a couple of mini marshmallows before cooking, or even frosting when it has cooled if I have some around. The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for it to cool before eating the cake! It's REALLY hot when it comes out. Just trust me :o

5 Finger test for choosing a reading book for children pinned on my educational ideas board
There's no photo of me doing this but it is a great tip. I tried it out several times and it actually seems to be a good measure to identify easy books, just right books and challenge books.
This is kind of obvious from just the photo - I didn't even pin it right away. Put foam stickers on bottle caps and use them as stamps. I have two tips - First tip: even though I had small foam stickers most of them fit better on large caps from juices - very few actually fit on water bottle or soda caps. It took me FOREVER to save these caps!! Secondly give each child their own baby wipe to clean each stamp after they finish using it. It's important to clean as you go to keep the stamp pad clean if you want to use the same stamp in a different colour - or your sister does!

Flower snack - pinned on my Fun Food board

Mine did not look as neat as the original. This literally only took me a couple of minutes though. I used it as an after school snack one for Rose - the ranch dip and one for Amy - the peanut butter. They were hungry and ate the whole thing! I could have taken more care to cut the carrots uniformly and shorter to make it look more like a flower. Next time, when the vultures aren't circling!

Palm Tree Island snack also pinned on my Fun Food board
This was a fruit snack for Heidi on the same day the girls had the flower veggie snacks. When I tasted the apples (as I was making it!) I thought they were quite tart even for Granny Smith apples. I gave her a little cup of peanut butter to dip them in and she ate almost everything too -- just left a few pieces of clementine "beach". I have not yet tried the dip recipe in the original pin.

Keep Your House clean with 1 chore per day pinned to my cleaning & household tips board

I have been living by this printable list! Some weeks I get sidetracked and we pay dearly. Cleaning is possibly my least favourite thing to do and even though we have a small house - with 6 people, every room is really lived in. This isn't actually 1 chore per day but 1 main chore per day. ie thoroughly clean all of the bathrooms on Tuesdays. Every day you still need to do the general tidying. I have been chided a bit for my need to have a list to clean my small house. Laugh if you will, but seriously this list has changed my life!

If you still haven't had the chance to check out pinterest and would like an invite I'm happy to send you one - just email me!

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