Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello Kitty Lunches x2

Yesterday was the first day back at school from Christmas Break. We started off our New Year with a tried and true favourite -- Hello Kitty!

Rose's Lunch
vanilla yogurt w/ sprinkles in the HK cup, cucumbers & carrots
grapes, clementines, honeydew melon
bologna sandwich with HK stencil

Amy's Lunch
HK egg, HK cup with PB for her carrots, cucumber
honeydew melon, clementine, grapes
cinnamon bread & butter with food writers HK drawn on
(you'll just have to trust me I know it's hard to see!!)

There is a story behind this lunch! I was all set to make two lunches exactly the same and then I was spotted making lunch. The crowd gathered. Rose was thrilled once she saw sprinkles. Amy - not so much. She did not want yogurt like her sister, and she only wanted a ham sandwich (which we didn't have!). We settled on her favourite cinnamon bread & butter, so I had to throw in a last minute protein punch of a boiled egg! You might know there is no such thing as a last minute boiled egg and I did not have jumbo eggs so it didn't come out so pretty. Plus drawing HK on swirly bread was pretty difficult. She knows it's Hello Kitty and she loves when I draw on her bread,  so she's happy :) Phew.

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