Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some bunny loves you!

It was a very busy morning yesterday. Heidi has snack duty at school this week so there was a little extra morning work. It's good system really. The students take turns to bring in snack for the whole class and for the half day children they end up with one turn all year. When the half day students go to school in the mornings they don't have to bring anything usually - just themselves. So on this busy Monday morning I made some very simple lunches. This was Amy's lunch but they were all pretty similar. 

bunny sandwich, carrot coins and celery with some peanut butter in the mini dipper
grapes, apples & a strawberry

I did put the lid on the mini dipper of peanut butter when I sent it to school. The little cupcake wrapper in there was actually practical not just pretty. It's kind of annoying to wash peanut butter out any of our little dip cups (no dishwasher!); it makes cleanup so much easier if it's in a wrapper :)

This was a super fast lunch to make. To make 3 kids lunches I cut two stalks of celery, one large carrot into coins, one apple into slices and halved a few strawberries. Then it literally took a few seconds to fill the compartments. The sandwiches were easily cut with a cookie cutter and then it was very easy to add the little candy eyes and candy nose. I bought some kitchen tweezers recently that made adding the sprinkles super fast. I think this turned out to be one of my cuter bunny lunches (other bunny lunches here) and it was probably one of the fastest to make! 

Here are some items that I used to make this lunch:


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