Monday, June 27, 2011


Chomp! Chomp!

goldfish, frozen yogurt, honeydew melon & strawberry slices
fruit leather trimmings ( it was the only part left and she REALLY wanted some!)
Alligator & mini fish PB sandwiches

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stars - MTM

Heidi's MTM today is a star theme.
granola bites, star shaped boiled egg, raisins
cottage cheese with star sprinkles, star shaped apples,
star shaped mini PB sandwiches

She ate almost everything except not much of the cottage cheese but it's still new and I'll keep trying. It's entirely possible that she ate the sprinkles off the top and the little bit of cottage cheese that got in the way - lol.

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Birdhouse lunch & Kitty lunches

Amy has been learning about birds at school. They have been learning about all kinds of birds and have also done some investigating of the birds around Bermuda. A favourite bird here is the Eastern Bluebird. We can help them with nest sites by putting up bluebird houses and a bluebird trail. For show and tell on Friday she took a lapbook that we created together with some information about Bermuda's birds and to go with it I made her the birdhouse lunch. The birdhouse was not at all my idea. I saw one on Cookie Cutter Lunch and knew it would be perfect for a lunch during the bird unit. That one used pretzel sticks but as Amy doesn't like them I took another idea from Cookie Cutter Lunch and used the crusts from the bread. Perfect!

So here is her lunch:
boiled egg, cucumber flowers, strawberry wafer cookies ( by request)
grapes & pineapple, fruit leather birds, Peanut butter sandwich birdhouse

Blue bird eggs are blue but I just didn't have it in me to dye them blue. I am not a fan of overdoing the colouring and I imagine those strawberry wafer cookies have enough for the day! So I put it in a blue cup to at least outline in blue :) Lunch was a success as she ate most of it - except not all of the strawberry wafers. I think it turned out pretty cute and even her teacher took a picture of it at lunchtime! I meant to take a picture of her with her lapbook before school but I forgot. Here's two photos of just her lapbook.
 cover: we chose some photos of birds and she matched up the names and glued them on. She's quite a bird identifier now! We realised yesterday that we forgot to put one of the kiskadee which is quite prevalent so we will probably add a small photo on the front soon.

 inside: Who am I? fold outs. They have some facts on the flaps, and then the answer is the last page. I made these  and they are age appropriate so not too tricky! She said at show and tell the class was trying to guess. Labelled parts of a bird and colouring pictures of a male cardinal & male bluebird. A few pictures of the different nests. An early reader mini book about a Mommy bird building a nest, laying eggs & feeding the babies.

Not pictured is the back - it has a poem and a song.

Yesterday was a public holiday here so next up is today's lunch. It's a kitty sandwich. Amy informed me on the weekend that "the bird's worst villain is the cat predator". So today we have a predatory cat lunch! This cat isn't really eating any birds though  - he's chasing butterflies & goldfish instead :)

goldfish crackers, yoplait yogurt ( it fits --yay!)
honeydew melon, strawberry, cherry fruit leather butterfly
ham kitty sandwich

Oh and I have a ton of cat picks and forgot to put any in the fruit. I was having such a hard time trying to put those whiskers on I got sidetracked. I really need some kitchen tweezers or something. I must have looked frustrated as hubby said just leave it no one will notice! Naturally when the girls saw their lunch this morning (as I was taking a picture) they were ecstatic. So of course he was right.
Hope you made it through that LONG post! I still have to put up the MTM from Heidi's lunch today. I think I'll make a new post for that ;)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ocean Sammies

I have a bunch of lunches to catch up with. So I'll just post a few together :) These are all from this week - and all happen to have ocean themed sammies.

Rose's lunch
brown sugar & cinnamon ritz, frozen frubes yogurt
grapes, blueberries, strawberry, shark bites
seahorse & mini fish PB sandwiches.

exactly the same except no blueberries

Neither one of them liked the ritz! Oh well - more for me :) I haven't bought them before but they were on sale so I thought we'd try them. Everything else was gobbled up.
Rose's Lunch
popcorn, cucumber & carrot sticks, grape tomatoes
pineapple, grapes, shark bites, dolphin sandwiches

Amy's Lunch
everything the same except no tomaotes.

It's official. I am addicted to the planetboxes for packing lunch. I really don't even want to use any of my bentos. They are just so easy. School is almost out here but I will have to pack some summer day camp lunches so I'm not going to be totally finished with packing lunches. I feel like I should use some of my other bentos to justify their drawer space in the house!! So maybe something different in the next few weeks.... I'll ask the girls if they would like a change.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

MTM - Tiger Toast

Heidi has a Muffin Tin lunch today. She has a few of her favourite things.

strawberries, chocolate teddy grahams, string cheese
vanilla yogurt with sprinkles, tiger toast (raisin) with jam, blueberries

She left a little bite of everything except the blueberries!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flower Power

Very similar lunches today for both girls - the only changes are omissions for the picky one. It's flower power baby.

Amy's Lunch
granola bites, cucumber flowers, icing flower
frozen frubes yogurt, watermelon flowers
flower ham sandwich with pink sugar decoration

Rose's Lunch:
granola bites, cucumber flowers, grape tomatoes
icing flower, frozen frubes yogurt, watermelon & kiwi flowers
flower ham sandwich with pink sugar decoration

I was planning on putting the groovy magnets on the fronts of their planet boxes but they insisted on the retro cats today! So not exactly an outside /inside theme.  Maybe I'll make a kitty lunch tomorrow...

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In the dog house...

Well the cute doggie is anyway:) This is yesterday's lunch. Both girls had EXACTLY the same - yay! That sure makes it a bit quicker in the morning.

I don't even know which photo was which. So this is one of their lunches:
orange jello with strawberries (by request), granola bites, frozen frubes yogurt
watermelon, grape fruit snacks, dog house PB sandwich with fruit leather doggie.

and this is the other:
You can almost see the little spoon I tucked in for the jello in this picture 
it had a dog on it.

Almost every bite was eaten out of both lunches :))

Monday, June 6, 2011

MTM - Hearts

Heidi has a heart themed MTM today. I think I was still in the mood for hearts after making Rose's heart themed lunch this morning so I am spreading the love :)

cheddar hearts (scraps behind) & sesame crackers, banana pieces
strawberry hearts, cucumber hearts
vanilla yogurt with heart sprinkles
avocado pieces

She just must not be too hungry today as it was a bit of a hit and miss. She went straight for the avocado and then spit it out!!! She nibbled one of the cucumbers. wanted extra strawberries & yogurt and ate few bites of her cheese & crackers and a few pieces of banana which is actually her favourite thing in her lunch today.
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Which came first - the chicken or the egg?

Amy is still learning about birds and while I am dying to try this sandwich from Cookie Cutter Lunch I just haven't gotten around to it yet. So today she has a chicken theme. They're birds too you know!

boiled egg, grapes (egg shaped?), frozen frubes yogurt,
watermelon & strawberries, baby chick shaped fruit leather
and the oddest chicken peanut butter sandwich ever!

I had a few cookie cutters to choose from here and I let Amy pick. To be fair the cutter looked more like a chicken than the cutout. She thought it was FAB so no worries. It makes me chuckle. No cheese beak today since she didn't like it on Friday with the ducks.

Rose is not learning about birds at nursery and she was quite put out about having hot school lunch on Friday while Amy had a fun, homemade lunch so today I made her a red heart themed lunch just because I love her.

heart shaped boiled egg, grape tomatoes,
watermelon & heart shaped strawberries
frozen frubes yogurt, heart shaped PB sandwiches.

Sadly my camera lens was broken on Friday. Part of the lens broke that secures it to the body. I didn't notice at first and thought I had snapped it back on. Well it's definitely broken and I need a new one :( So until then - my pictures will probably be a little off.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Duckies planetbox & odds and ends MTM

Amy wanted a Mommy duck and some baby ducks for lunch. Ok. No problem. So here we have the Duckies lunch :) I could only fit one baby duck sandwich but there are other baby ducks around. Amy doesn't usually like cheese so I put a little bit of cheese in the hope that she would try it.  Nope. All of the cheese came home. Ah well, I'll still try it again. She was so excited about the ducks it was worth a try.

Ritz crackers with ham & cheese ducks, frozen frubes yogurt
mandarin oranges, strawberries, fruit leather ducks,
Peanut butter Mom & baby duck sandwich

I was able to cut both the Mom and baby duck out of the same sandwich so there was very little waste ( usually H & I eat the scraps so it's not really wasted). I find the frubes yogurts fit really well into that long spot and since it's getting warmer I prefer to freeze the yogurt instead of just relying on an ice pack. If I freeze a yo kids it just doesn't fit very well - so no more yo kids for awhile.
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Also on Friday I made Heidi a MTM. I was feeling a bit unwell and didn't have any plan, so I made her an odds and ends MTM again. She likes the variety, I like that it's really quick with minimal effort. Win - Win.

 Ritz crackers, cheddar flowers (and scraps behind), kiwi slices
vanilla yogurt, carrot sticks & tomatoes, mandarin oranges & raspberries

She didn't really like the kiwi, but she hasn't had it that often. The raspberries were on their last day but still tasty - she ate them first! And as predicted she dipped her carrots in the yogurt. Surprisingly she didn't eat much of the crackers as it was the one thing she was asking for when I was putting it together. I guess the rest just looked yummier when she saw it all assembled :)

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Under the Sea

Ocean themes for lunch today. The girls had pretty much the same again today. I was actually up early - but way too early as I couldn't sleep. So basically awake and tired and didn't manage to boil eggs to mold into fish as planned. Lunch was still cute enough and both girls came home with empty lunchboxes today, so a success.

Amy's Lunch
goldfish, craisins, frozen frubes yogurt, shark bites
cantaloupe, strawberries, octopus PB sandwich

Rose's Lunch
goldfish, craisins, frozen frubes yogurt
raspberries, cantaloupe, strawberries, PB octopus sandwich

All closed up!
I even changed to their under the sea magnets today  to complete the theme :)

I recently organised a group order from Planetbox and for myself I bought some extra magnet sets & new carry bags. So now we have several magnet choices to change around. I haven't named them all yet since I will need some for Heidi in September and I didn't buy 3 sets of each. Everyone has their name on their actual planetbox so I am not especially worried. I might just go ahead and put last names on the new magnets so that they can all share. I don't think Heidi will be too picky but the others are very verbal about their preferences. Already Amy is complaining about using her new pink carry bag (which she picked out!) and not a purple one like her friend. I packed an extra colour away for each of them for next school year but I guess she saw them all. I'll probably cave in and give it to her - I'm weak like that!

Tomorrow is hot lunch at school for Rose so hopefully I will come up with something creative since I will only have to make one lunch. KMFX that I don't sleep in :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dolphins & Butterflies

Catch up post alert! I have two days of lunches to share. Today's lunch is up first - because is came out better :) Both girls have identical lunches.

Amy's Dolphins
granola bites, craisins, frozen frubes yogurt
mandarin oranges, strawberries, vitamin
peanut butter dolphin sandwiches

Rose's Dolphins
everything is the same as Amy - easywork for Mom :)

Here are Tuesday's lunches. They kind of came out a bit sad looking to me :( We were running late ( as usual!) and I had a hard time cutting the butterflies for some reason so the bread looks a little mangled - and they look kind of white and boring! The girls sure didn't mind though.

Amy's Lunch
boiled egg, carrot sticks, string cheese,
mandarin oranges (& a few other orange pieces)
apple slices, vitamin, butterfly sandwich

Rose's Lunch
carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, string cheese, vitamin
mandarin oranges, apple slices, butterfly sandwich

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