Monday, June 6, 2011

MTM - Hearts

Heidi has a heart themed MTM today. I think I was still in the mood for hearts after making Rose's heart themed lunch this morning so I am spreading the love :)

cheddar hearts (scraps behind) & sesame crackers, banana pieces
strawberry hearts, cucumber hearts
vanilla yogurt with heart sprinkles
avocado pieces

She just must not be too hungry today as it was a bit of a hit and miss. She went straight for the avocado and then spit it out!!! She nibbled one of the cucumbers. wanted extra strawberries & yogurt and ate few bites of her cheese & crackers and a few pieces of banana which is actually her favourite thing in her lunch today.
I'm linking up with Muffin Tin Mom today
so click on over to see some fun MTM lunches.

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  1. i think your heart theme is lovely. also. sorry about the bad pun. i can't help myself.


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