Thursday, June 2, 2011

Under the Sea

Ocean themes for lunch today. The girls had pretty much the same again today. I was actually up early - but way too early as I couldn't sleep. So basically awake and tired and didn't manage to boil eggs to mold into fish as planned. Lunch was still cute enough and both girls came home with empty lunchboxes today, so a success.

Amy's Lunch
goldfish, craisins, frozen frubes yogurt, shark bites
cantaloupe, strawberries, octopus PB sandwich

Rose's Lunch
goldfish, craisins, frozen frubes yogurt
raspberries, cantaloupe, strawberries, PB octopus sandwich

All closed up!
I even changed to their under the sea magnets today  to complete the theme :)

I recently organised a group order from Planetbox and for myself I bought some extra magnet sets & new carry bags. So now we have several magnet choices to change around. I haven't named them all yet since I will need some for Heidi in September and I didn't buy 3 sets of each. Everyone has their name on their actual planetbox so I am not especially worried. I might just go ahead and put last names on the new magnets so that they can all share. I don't think Heidi will be too picky but the others are very verbal about their preferences. Already Amy is complaining about using her new pink carry bag (which she picked out!) and not a purple one like her friend. I packed an extra colour away for each of them for next school year but I guess she saw them all. I'll probably cave in and give it to her - I'm weak like that!

Tomorrow is hot lunch at school for Rose so hopefully I will come up with something creative since I will only have to make one lunch. KMFX that I don't sleep in :)


  1. the octopus sandwiches are so cute!

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment on! I'm following you now. Love the Planetbox! The underwater theme is darling, great job!



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