Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birdhouse lunch & Kitty lunches

Amy has been learning about birds at school. They have been learning about all kinds of birds and have also done some investigating of the birds around Bermuda. A favourite bird here is the Eastern Bluebird. We can help them with nest sites by putting up bluebird houses and a bluebird trail. For show and tell on Friday she took a lapbook that we created together with some information about Bermuda's birds and to go with it I made her the birdhouse lunch. The birdhouse was not at all my idea. I saw one on Cookie Cutter Lunch and knew it would be perfect for a lunch during the bird unit. That one used pretzel sticks but as Amy doesn't like them I took another idea from Cookie Cutter Lunch and used the crusts from the bread. Perfect!

So here is her lunch:
boiled egg, cucumber flowers, strawberry wafer cookies ( by request)
grapes & pineapple, fruit leather birds, Peanut butter sandwich birdhouse

Blue bird eggs are blue but I just didn't have it in me to dye them blue. I am not a fan of overdoing the colouring and I imagine those strawberry wafer cookies have enough for the day! So I put it in a blue cup to at least outline in blue :) Lunch was a success as she ate most of it - except not all of the strawberry wafers. I think it turned out pretty cute and even her teacher took a picture of it at lunchtime! I meant to take a picture of her with her lapbook before school but I forgot. Here's two photos of just her lapbook.
 cover: we chose some photos of birds and she matched up the names and glued them on. She's quite a bird identifier now! We realised yesterday that we forgot to put one of the kiskadee which is quite prevalent so we will probably add a small photo on the front soon.

 inside: Who am I? fold outs. They have some facts on the flaps, and then the answer is the last page. I made these  and they are age appropriate so not too tricky! She said at show and tell the class was trying to guess. Labelled parts of a bird and colouring pictures of a male cardinal & male bluebird. A few pictures of the different nests. An early reader mini book about a Mommy bird building a nest, laying eggs & feeding the babies.

Not pictured is the back - it has a poem and a song.

Yesterday was a public holiday here so next up is today's lunch. It's a kitty sandwich. Amy informed me on the weekend that "the bird's worst villain is the cat predator". So today we have a predatory cat lunch! This cat isn't really eating any birds though  - he's chasing butterflies & goldfish instead :)

goldfish crackers, yoplait yogurt ( it fits --yay!)
honeydew melon, strawberry, cherry fruit leather butterfly
ham kitty sandwich

Oh and I have a ton of cat picks and forgot to put any in the fruit. I was having such a hard time trying to put those whiskers on I got sidetracked. I really need some kitchen tweezers or something. I must have looked frustrated as hubby said just leave it no one will notice! Naturally when the girls saw their lunch this morning (as I was taking a picture) they were ecstatic. So of course he was right.
Hope you made it through that LONG post! I still have to put up the MTM from Heidi's lunch today. I think I'll make a new post for that ;)

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