Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This little piggy went to nursery school...

...this little piggy stayed home.

Amy is still at home today. She's feeling much better but I want today to be a rest day since she had a fever yesterday. I think I'll get her to do a little work though and I'll probably fill about 4 or 5 workboxes for her. This morning, I made Rose a little piggy sandwich and then Amy saw it and said that she wanted one too. So one little piggy sandwich went to nursery school with Rose and one little piggy sandwich stayed home with Amy, and poor little Heidi has none! Well for now anyway  - I'll make her lunch at lunchtime :)

Rose's Lunch - this little piggy went to nursery school
popcorn, yo kids berry yogurt, pink & yellow mini chips
grapes, oranges, bologna piggy sandwich with cheese features

Amy's Lunch - this little piggy stayed home
bologna piggy sandwich with bologna features
popcorn & grapes

I probably could have put a little more effort into Amy's lunch but since she's at home I will just add something at lunch if she asks me to. For now - it's fine.

Also - somehow the bologna was practically shaved by the butcher - it was really hard to work with and the nose kept breaking - oh well. My husband went to the meat counter to get it and I didn't notice until I went to make a sandwich. Totally ANNOYING. Last week it was so thick there were only a few slices in the half pound. Next week I'll be the one going to the buther's counter I think!!

Well I'm off to fill the workboxes - maybe I'll post them later if I get a chance :)

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