Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MTM - Oddball lunch

I have a lot of posts to catch up! I was all ready to post and then blogger was acting up. I've been pretty busy and didn't get a chance to come back until now. I'll probably do this in 3 or 4 posts so stay tuned :) I have lunches and workboxes to post about.
This was Sunday's last minute oddball lunch. We were planning to go and see my Mother in Law but she wasn't feeling well so we ended up staying at home and having a quick odds and ends lunch.

Amy's Lunch
diced peaches, Vienna sausages, strawberry pieces
yogurt with sprinkles, cinnamon toast star with cinnamon sugar, cantaloupe pieces.

Amy chose the Vienna sausages at the grocery store last week. I don't know where she had them before but she claimed to love them. Ya well,  she didn't and I don't blame her. I don't like them either. I tried to make a tulip shape out of one but it failed so I just left them as their odd looking column shapes.

Rose's Lunch

Heidi's Lunch

Both of these are the same - the only difference from Amy's is they have mini cinnamon toast & jam sandwiches (Amy doesn't like jam!) and Heidi just has a little bit less food in hers.

So everyone ate their lunch except Rose who ate her own lunch plus she ate Amy's Vienna sausages because it turns out she loves them! Ewwww.

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  1. The cinnamon toast looks awesome! Great lunch!

  2. I like your colorful muffin liners! Nice lunch!

  3. I just started doing muffin tin lunches so for me so far they have all been oddball! I like the princess picks. My daughter would love those!


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