Monday, May 9, 2011

MTM - Dippin' Dinner

Amy stayed home from school today as she was feeling unwell. For lunch I made her a favourite things MTM (it was a hodge podge of oddities and I didn't take a photo). I was really going to leave it at that and not mention anything to Rose BUT she caught me online peeking at other MTMs and begged for a MTM dinner. I had no plan in mind except that I didn't feel like cooking tonight so the Dippin' Dinner was born!

I made them all the same (almost). The only thing missing from the photos is a few french fries that weren't quite ready when they sat down to eat. This was kind of on purpose so that they eat the other things first and the french fries appeared later only as an "extra". We don't have french fries at home very often and I like to keep it that way.

Amy's Dippin' Dinner
chicken nuggets & ketchup dip (I put a few french fries around the ketchup)
apples & vanilla yogurt dip, carrots & peanut butter, grapes

I had WAY too much help making these and now that the craziness is over and I can step back and look at the photos I think it would have looked better switching the grapes & carrots. But that's just me being picky- the girls didn't mind.

Heidi's Dippin' Dinner

chicken nuggets & ketchup
apples & vanilla yogurt, carrots & ranch, grapes

She was totally stealing things out of her muffin tin while we were putting it together. She probably ate 3 chicken nuggets during that time and a bunch of carrot sticks! When I went to take the picture I had to put some extra chicken nuggets in there since it was empty - she ended up eating one more but not both of these. 

Rose's Dippin' Dinner
chicken nuggets & ketchup
apples & vanilla yogurt, carrot sticks and ranch, grapes

Rose ate the most out of everyone but I kind of expected that - especially since Amy has been under the weather. Plus there wasn't anything new or iffy and hello - chicken nuggets  - of course they ate plenty of dinner - LOL

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  1. Dinner looks good! Happy Muffin Tin Monday!

  2. my boy LOVES dippin'! great tins!


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