Friday, May 13, 2011


Well I lounged around and watched Grey's last night - Private Practice too. Fortunately I discovered that Amy had pizza lunch today so all I needed was snacks for both girls. They are kind of boring but here we go!

Amy's Snack for pizza lunch day
 granola bar, cantaloupe
strawberries, chex mix

She ate everything except some chex mix & one half of the granola bar. Pretty good I think since she ate pizza at school too!

Rose's snack for pizza party day
afternoon snack top: grapes & chex mix /gold fish
morning fruit snack : cantaloupe & strawberries

Rose didn't eat much today - but since they had a party at school she did eat plenty at school. Apparently there was a lot of party food. She doesn't always eat her afternoon snack at school because we pick her up right on time - sometimes they have all woken up from nap and eaten snack - sometimes not. It just depends. She often eats it in the car at pick up time. So no worries - all three girls finished these off afterschool!

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