Thursday, May 12, 2011

Elephant starts with e.

Amy sometimes has a little trouble with the e sound in reading. The way that I usually remind her is e like elephant. So today for fun I made her an elephant lunch. If I had planned ahead last night and we didn't get up at uh 8:01 this morning!!!! I could have been more creative with other e foods - like egg, or elephant animal crackers or peanuts ( elephant snacks - we have some but they were not yet roasted). Since I was a lazy bones and didn't get out of bed - she got this elephant lunch instead :) I think it worked out fine as she ate everything except for some of the orange slices. Since eating a healthy lunch is the main goal here it was another successful lunch in my opinion! Oh wait, except for the salty goldfish, the sugary choc chips & the sugary yogurt - some healthy lunch - lol. Hmmm...

Elephant starts with e.
trix yogurt, grapes, goldfish, oranges
chocolate chips, elephant bologna sandwich

From a creativity standpoint I really need to get my act together and do a little organising/planning the night before - like making the boiled eggs, collecting the right crackers, cutters, picks etc. Really I do everything in the morning and usually really quickly. It might be neater if I had a few extra moments to step back and look at lunch or just take a few more minutes in assembly of the tricky bits. The only thing I really do ahead of time is cut up some fruit - but that's more cutting up the whole melon or pineapple when we are ready to eat it - not in a lunch by lunch organised way. I wonder what other people do - does anybody do almost everything (or everything) the night before? Anyway food for thought... I only have one lunch to make tomorrow so maybe I'll try a little planning tonight, or maybe I'll just lounge around and watch  Grey's Anatomy  :)

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