Friday, May 20, 2011

Keep 'em busy with workboxes!

I have had a really crazy week so far and I wanted to keep the girls entertained while I got some work finished. So, I filled some workboxes for them to play with/work/entertain themselves on their own.  Of course I kept an eye on them and helped out a bit but I must say it was nice and quiet in the house and the living room did not get overly littered with toys as per normal! Very productive work afternoon for me. Phew. I am now officially all caught up.

So here's what they had: Rosie's first (3 year old)
alphabet beads and laces

Heart colouring, cutting & gluing page
from Carol's Affordable Curriculum - February

a few pages out of here -
I didn't pull the pages out she just likes to flip around and do them.

colour bean bags and matching colour cups
Really this is for Heidi but Rose wanted to play with it

A family favourite activity.
Each cup has a number 1-5 and she uses the chopsticks to transfer the pom poms to the right cups. She counts them as she goes. Everyone loves playing with this.

Alphabet matching.
The other side of the card has pictures and you can match the beginning sounds.
That's still a bit too hard for her so she just matches the letter side.

Number puzzle 1-10
Amy butt in on this one - she loves puzzles of any kind!

2 things:
Butterfly letter B/colour matching cards
from  Letter of the Week by Confessions of a Homeschooler

Letter A word search
There are actually words that begin with A in this word search
but she just finds the A's and circles them.

Play dough & number stampers
This caused a little disagreement as Heidi wanted in on this activity.
They worked it out and played together.

Pink pig colouring page (CAF again)

Now Amy's (recently 5 years old)
Same as Rose - they both wanted these and we have one set and they both wanted them in their own boxes! It worked out OK as they did it at the same time. Good thing because Amy was actually trying to spell words and she needed some of Rose's beads. Ah cooperation.

Amy just loves these even though she probably isn't learning much anymore
since she's quite good at handwriting!

Dolch words list 2 and letters to spell them
She really just loves doing this.

Dolch words list 1
This was supposed to be in the other box!
Oops don't know what happened here.

Amy's pick - these are fun.

Amy picked these too.
I think she just really likes to use the write & wipe markers.

beginning sounds & ending sounds underneath

I purposely did not put the little objects to match in here.
She came and asked me for them when she was ready. Heidi just loves these and will sneak them out and play with/hide them all over the house. Since I was working and not totally watching them with my hawk eye I wasn't taking any chances of losing them!

letter stamps
She spelled a bunch of random words.
Amy chose this too - she just loves stamps.

practice, practice, practice.
She really loves handwriting.
I don't know if it's this program or not but her handwriting is just getting better and better. She really is quite good. It could just be all of the practice :)

Rosie is very proud that she found all of the As.

I put a few activites in some workboxes for Heidi but I didn't take any photos. They weren't that exciting but it mostly kept her from interfering with her sisters' work.
Mainly she played legos on the floor while they worked (her favourite).

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