Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hello Butterflies!

A pretty little butterfly themed lunch for Heidi. This was packed a week or so ago. I still have several lunches to post but am almost caught up.

Heidi has two strawberry jam filled, butterfly shaped sandwiches that I made using my new cookie cutter. Purple grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe and a babybel cheese. She LOVED this lunch, she said  "Hello Butterflies!" She left a few bites of the babybel cheese and a couple of pieces of fruit so I guess it tasted good too ;)

Here are some items that I used when making this lunch.
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  1. This is so cute! I love those sandwiches!

  2. I love your butterfly sandwiches, so pretty! Are they just strawberry jelly on white bread? In the US we are big on peanut butter with jelly sandwiches. I've never had one of just jelly but it sounds yummy. I will try one tomorrow.

    1. Thanks. They are strawberry jam on Honey Wheat bread. My daughter is not allowed peanut butter in her class due to an allergy, so I just leave it out. She does not like sunflower seed butter or almond butter as an alternative, so plain jam it is!

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