Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Flower Power

Here are another couple of lunches from a few weeks ago.  Boy has it been a busy week this week and it's only Wednesday! Do you ever just feel rushed off of your feet? That's how I feel these days. Can't wait until Mid-Term break - it's just around the corner. I don't think I will send the girls to any camps. We'll likely chill at home, have fun with some crafts and not have to get up early! 

Amy's Planetbox lunchbox, has carrot sticks and mozzarella cheese sticks, mandarin oranges and purple grapes, cantaloupe and strawberries and a flower shaped ham sandwich.

Rose has pretty much the same! I like when that happens. In the morning while the girls are getting ready and I am packing lunch they are often underfoot. I always like to give them some choice about what goes in their lunch. Usually they just speak up and say that they don't want this and they want something else instead. Rose chose a turkey sandwich, no cheese sticks, extra carrots and a tomato.

These lunches were super fast to make - so I'm sharing on:

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  1. Super cute lunch, Amanda!! I love the flower.

  2. Cute flowers!!! Thank you for linking to 15 Minute Fridays!


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