Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Funny Faces

We're on Mid-Term break here. Woo Hoo! No early mornings for a whole week ^_^. Last week got so busy that I didn't have a chance to blog many lunches. Here are a couple of funny face lunches that I made for Amy & Rose.

Rose had veggies & dip, cantaloupe, pineapple. celery with peanut butter (and candy eyes), yellow pepper and a funny face ham sandwich. 

I went on a healthy eating grocery tour a couple of week's ago. I've changed a few things on in our diets, mainly in the reducing fat area. I get so focused on reading the labels for the carbohydrates and sugar when making decisions about what to choose that I forget to keep a check on the fat. I guess that's just from years of being PG and having TOTAL STRESS over my blood sugars. Well one change that we made was to switch to Bolthouse Farms salad dressing - their yogurt ranch is a hit with the kids and has only a fraction of the fat. Win! It's really tasty too, and I'm not even a Ranch lover.

Amy's lunch is similar. Way less veggies and crackers added. She's been pretty difficult with her food choices lately, we're getting back into our same lunch rut so soon into the year. Not sure what to do about it just yet. I'll likely experiment a bit over the break to try out some new lunchy items at home. She didn't like the new salad dresing - but she has yet to meet one that she likes. Also still not a salad eater, we're working on the deconstructed version first. 

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