Monday, October 28, 2013

Budding Chef Competition - Vegetable Critters

Last weekend was the Annual Budding Chef competition at school. All 3 girls entered again this year. The girls did not win in their categories this time, but they all got a participation ribbon. Heidi said, "We all got ribbons so we all won!" Love my little peacemaker ^_^.

Rose & Heidi's age are allowed to enter the veggie critters competition. It's one category and all of the Children's House can enter so it's ages 3-6.

Heidi made a fly.

I helped with both. It's really hard to push the toothpicks into the potatoes! 

Rose made a dinosaur.

There were lots of fun entries - it's a pretty tough category. 
Here are the ones that won.
The car on the bottom left was first place, the butterfly was second place and the elephant with the lady bugs came third. We spent a while thinking up and looking at other critters for ideas online the day before. We almost made that exact same elephant (I thought it would be easy for the kids - I really tried to convince them!) but they were not interested in making it.

I also took a photo of many of the other entries. Here are a few. 
I'm partial to Darth Vader. Neat idea!

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  1. They are too adorable! Love their veggie critters too :) What a fun school competition!

  2. How cute is that fly?! I give it a blue ribbon :)


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