Monday, September 17, 2012

Sailboat Sammies

I am glad to be back at home from a 5 day business trip. Daddy made the girls' lunches while I was away and he assures me that they were healthy. No photos of those lunches and I am sure that his morning was busy enough trying to get the girls out the door. These are today's lunches - I am still not settled into my morning routine especially after being away for a week but the girls did manage to leave on time so that's a plus!

Amy's Planetbox Lunch
diced peaches. red grapes, strawberries, goldfish, sun and sailboat ham sandwich.

I totally made the butter the wrong side of the already cutout bread mistake today. Last time I did that I made a triple-decker sandwich. This time I just added some sprinkles to the sail. So then I had to add sprinkles to all of the sails.

Rose's Planetbox Lunch
Rose's lunch is the same as Amy's except she has the S'mores Goldfish which are her new favourite. The round sandwich has little cut marks in it to make it look more like a sun. It looks better In real life I swear ;).

Heidi's EasyLunchbox Lunch
Heidi has a sailboat and palm tree sandwich, red grapes and some goldfish.

It really does work out well to make Heidi's lunch in the morning and leave it in the fridge until she comes home at noon. She is usually hungry and it's very convenient to just take it out of the fridge when we get home. She ate almost everything today -- except a few goldfish.


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