Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rainbow Planetbox lunches

Rainbow planetbox lunches -- featuring our Rainbow Sugar cookies!

Heidi's lunch
Fruit of the rainbow: red strawberries, orange clementines, yellow golden raisins, 
green kiwi slices, violet grapes

The top holds our rainbow cookies, a few cheerios and a little rainbow cup with a vitamin inside
The sandwich is a homemade roll with cheese.

Rose's Rainbow Lunch
Almost the same as Heidi's. The same rainbow fruit plus she had crackers in the top and meatballs and BBQ sauce in the bottom. With two of our cherry tomatoes for good measure :) 

This was an OK day as far as what they ate. They wouldn't eat the kiwi ( still!) and they left a bunch of raisins and other odd bites. This was a pretty huge lunch so it's not a big deal - I think I just packed too much.

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