Saturday, June 23, 2012

Easy school lunches

I was in a bit of a lunch rut the last week or so. I still made the girls some good healthy (mostly) lunches but not too much by way of themes or cute accents. They certainly did not mind and happily ate almost all of their lunches. Here are a few photos of our basic, easy school lunches from the past week. 

Amy's Lunches
mini apple from Great Granny & Papa's tree ( the girls picked some themselves), peach slices
honeydew melon, red grapes, oatmeal cookie, carrot sticks and peanut butter dip
ham sandwich

peach slices, red grapes, watermelon
homemade blueberry muffins, ranch rice cakes
ham sandwich

Heidi's Lunches
peach slices, red grapes, honeydew melon
fig newton cookie, carrot sticks
ham or cheese sandwich ( can't remember!)

peach slices, red grapes, 
watermelon, homemade blueberry muffin, ranch rice cakes
ham sandwich cut into squares

Rose has been a bit on and off about  sandwiches still . Sometimes she asks for one but usually she doesn't want a sandwich. Sometimes she wants a particular bento container. She's very specific and knows what exactly what she wants! Sometimes it makes me crazy but I know these traits will take her far in life. She may have even got a bit of that from me so I can't  really  complain. I'll post 2 of  hers separately tomorrow.

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