Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Heart bento lunch for Rosie

Life is crazy. School is still in until the end of the month and I have been making lunch everyday but there just hasn't been much time to post! I have a short break today so here's a lunch from the past week or so.

Hearts for Rosie
strawberries and clementines, carrot sticks, cucumber rounds,
 2 cherry 100 tomatoes from our garden (they're fab!)
rice ball with a heart fruit leather, a few meatballs.
I put a take out container of BBQ sauce in her lunch box too.
I saved it from a restaurant.

I made the rice with a rice mold that had a heart indent on it. You really couldn't see the heart though. So I just topped it with a fruit leather instead. Maybe you're meant to fill the indent with something? I dunno.

She only ate about half of this lunch.
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