Tuesday, July 3, 2012


A Super star lunch for my sweet little superstar ballerina :)
This is day 2's lunch of Classical Ballet Camp for Amy. I forgot to take a photo yesterday of lunch for day 1.
The mornings feel busier than school mornings as I have to get Amy to camp through the Hamilton busy traffic, and then take the others to swimming lessons a good half hour away.  Hopefully we'll get our routine sorted out soon and it won't feel like such a rush. I definitely feel quite spoiled that we have never had to face that busy morning traffic before! I certainly wouldn't want to do that every day.

Amy's Superstar lunch
lemon  Greek  yogurt, grapes, popcorn
watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, fruit snacks
ham star sandwiches

I actually made two more star mini sandwiches but as they didn't fit neatly, Heidi ate them with her breakfast!  The star cutter feels like it waste a bit too much bread otherwise. As I made my sandwich first and then cut it out it wasn't the kind of bread to freeze and save for bread pudding! I made the Greek yogurt star last night. I left some white and filled a star cutter, then coloured the rest pink and filled it in around the side. Then I removed the cutter and tried to fix it a bit with my knife as it didn't come out like a perfect star. Next, I froze the whole thing so that it would be nice and cold by lunchtime the next day. I always put a frozen ice mat in her lunch box but it just seems so hot out that I'd rather give it that little extra chill. I put a little paper towel underneath in case it sweats as it defrosts. I don't want her to end up with mushy popcorn! I also put a little spoon in her lunch but it wasn't in the photo. I have noticed some other bloggers making frozen yogurt shapes in a little mold. That looks super fun and I am going to give that a try too!

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